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ADVANCE REVIEW! Green Wake #8 will go on sale Wednesday, December 28, 2011.

Green Wake is still plugging away at being awesome, though this issue seemed to be more build-up material. Kurtis J. Wiebe seems to be setting the table for a surprise of some sort and, of course, we're always left wondering what it is. However, if you've been following so far, you'll definitely want to take the time to read this one because there's an old friend back in town... well, more like he never left, but either way, he's back in the game and from the way it looks, he's having himself a lot of fun! 

It's nice to know that, through everything that's happened, Morley and Krieger are still the good guys. I know that doesn't sound like much, but having the heroes maintain a moral compass is getting harder to find in comics these days. When he's faced with the option of simply eliminating an enemy to make life easier, Morley sticks to his guns and walks away. It doesn't seem like a huge deal, but that little scene in the comic made me immensely happy to see. Even after being in Green Wake before, dealing with the guilt of killing his wife and not being able to deal with reality, Morley still has strong moral beliefs and won't take the poisoned bait, no matter how easy it might be. It says a lot for his character development. Since Krieger's more of a support character, we don't generally see much from him, but he still gets a few spotlights here and there. In this issue, we get an extremely brief taste of a possible reason why he's in Green Wake, which I will admit to being intensely curious about. There's just so many things I need to know in this series! It's frustrating and addictive at the same time. One thing I do know though, and at the risk of sounding like a girl... Krieger in a wife beater shirt with his little bowler hat is so cute!

By this point it's pretty clear that something really bad happened to the Lost Children and the Native American tribe they're from. It's not exactly stated in depth, but something bad happened of the killing variety. My guess is the tribe was probably slaughtered and the kids are out for revenge. They're not really human and let's face it, the little kids in horror movies are always the ones you look out for. Admit it, after watching a good horror movie, you walk down the street and eyeball that little kid walking with his mommy. Well, I can say I do anyway. 

Esther's steadily getting more interesting as time passes. It's almost like she's filling Morley's shoes a little. Like Morley is "Old" Morley from the first five issues and Esther's the "New" Morley. She's technically not a part of the detective team, but she's still used in the capacity of showing the reader little bits of information. In the beginning, she was a little boring, but she's getting better as time goes on and more of her personality is revealed.

Rossmo's got some pretty good panels going on in this issue, my favorite being the death scene of Perry. Perry's pretty insignificant, so it wasn't a shock that he didn't last long. The shock being who he was killed by. Now, I'm trying reaaallllly hard not to spoil it, so I'll just refer to him as a recurring character from the first five issues of Green Wake. Anyway, Rossmo's got a whole page dedicated to dear old Perry and his killer's demented joy. There was all the good stuff -- blood, thumbs in eyeballs, deformed bodies, that creepy ominous smile that reminds you of the Joker from Batman... It just wouldn't have the same quality if any other artist tried doing it. The tone and overall feel of the art is extremely important and Rossmo definitely has a knack for it. I might even go so far as to say he's a master at it. I know I'm definitely impressed.

Overall, this issue had its good points and bad. It wasn't as suspenseful as the last couple, but it made up for it with a few revealing plot points and (of course!) that customary cliffhanger that just throws your world upside down and leaves you needing more. Green Wake is definitely my rare gem in the horror genre since it's getting harder and harder to find a decent comic anymore. I absolutely adored this series from the start and could easily point out that it was destined to be a great thing. It has a dark flare that most stories lack; a twisted creativity that leaves you thinking about story hours after reading it. Wiebe and Rossmo are the perfect team to bring these characters to life and make a damn good comic.



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