Who is Jake Ellis? #4

A comic review article by: Jamil Scalese
After a sizzling hot start, Edmondson and Zonjic’s spy-thriller with a slant cools down a bit before the conclusion of the initial arc. This issue is markedly less intense than the previous two, and the reader gets a few details of the inner mystery, but only enough to set us up for some big reveals.

Still, Zonjic’s art is remains superb, and the plot is not without its meaty nuggets. The relationship between superspy Jon Moore and his ghostly sherpa Jake Ellis is as dynamic and peculiar as any duo in comics. The previous couple issues have showcased their bond in back-and-forth banter and exchanges of opinion about what each believes to be the nature of their affiliation.

Jake Ellis has demonstrated an ability to form his own thoughts, and in this issue we see he even is capable of remembering something from his ultra-shady past. The title character has been the gem of this series, from concept, to design, to dialogue, and the success of this series relies on the smart, judicial unveiling of the question that the title smacks you in the face with.

The long-term success -- Who is Jake Ellis? is now an ongoing, a decision made after its successful start. Although I was excited about the news at first I realized the beyond the basic premise there is not much going on. A large fault goes on the flat and flaky Jon Moore. While he balances Jake well, Jon Moore is basically two legs and a gun. He moves the plot to whatever international city he needs to be in and kicks down some doors. There is some subtext that Moore is a little morally absent, and enjoys his James Bond lifestyle, but he basically comes off like a goon.

The original planned length of the series was five issues, and I anticipate the next one will drop some vital information on the core plot. Hopefully it expands on the Jake Ellis story scope. Will we get more characters and more back story for our leading men? As long as Tonci Zonjic is drawing I will give it a try.

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