Irredeemable #26

A comic review article by: Mike Prezzato
ADVANCE REVIEW! Irredeemable #26 will come out on June 1, 2011.

This issue of the always exciting Irredeemable has a few less mind-bending surprises than usual, but that doesn't mean the excellent storytelling suffers at all. If you're a consistent reader of this title, you'll know what I mean. If not, it seems that Waid slips in the most insane curveballs you can imagine on any given page. Even without a huge plot twist, he delivers huge once again.

Peter Krause's art has really taken on a great feel in this latest story arc. Designing a prison planet full of aliens and psychopaths is bringing out his inner Jack Kirby in substance, but his style is still unmistakably his own.

Plutonian continues his escape from the psych-ward planet, along with Auroran and some new bestial allies, all deranged and interesting in their own ways.

Totally out of context, and with no precident or rollover from the previous issue, he and his posse of weirdos meet God (or at least something claiming to be God) on page one, but it so works damn well. Plutonian also finds an interesting method for finding a new costume for himself, involving "God's" mole men-like minions.

Irredeemable #26 focuses primarily on the escape of Putonian and his cohorts, with only a brief interlude involving Scylla. Most of the time, the story flows in and out between the Paradigm, Plutonian and whoever else, but this issue is almost all Plutonian, bulding up to his return to Earth.

Qubit and Modeus in the last issue hatched a plan to rescue him from the prison world, and by the end of this one, it all seems to come together.

If you were like me and first thought this book was all about capes, damsels in distress, and the usual bit, you're dead wrong. The most un-superhero superhero comic since Watchmen.

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