Green Wake #3

A comic review article by: Felicity Gustafson
ADVANCE REVIEW! Green Wake #3 will come out on June 1, 2011.

Halfway through the Green Wake series, finally some answers are being revealed about the nature of the town. Some, not all, but the series is still far from ending and I suspect Wiebe's holding back some pretty big punches for the end. If you've been following along in the story so far, you definitely won't be disappointed by this issue.

For the most part, this issue covers three main topics -- Morley's past, Ariel's character and the town of Green Wake. If you're a fan of Morley, you're going to love this issue. Out of everyone, the comic seems to revolve around him the most. Not only does this installment cover his past with Anna, and actually answer what happened that night in the rain, but it also covers his realization of why he's in Green Wake. A creepy priest gave him some valuable insights that I'm sure will help him, Carl and Krieger finish their quest to find Ariel.

It's clear that what Ariel wants is to find Babylon, she's just not sure how to go about getting there. So most of what she's been doing is simply trying to find the way. The new answers about the town of Green Wake also tie in with Ariel in the form of a monstrous creature that chases her down the road and into a church. This leads to quite a few questions (of course!) which I'm sure will be answered in future issues. The main one being, is the creature a manifestation of the town or it being controlled? It's clearly tied into the frogs, which in turn leads to the sleepy town, but my guess is that it's the town and Green Wake is protecting itself from the murderer. There's a reason that Green Wake never has killings, but we'll just have to wait on the edge of our seats until the next issue is released. I'm happy to report that this series much more suspenseful than I originally thought it'd be.

Rossmo stepped up to the proverbial plate with his artwork in this issue. There were several page-length beauties that were quite stunning with the blending of colors and the stark contrast of the red blood. My favorite is the one during Morley's moment of realization about the town and his presence, depicting Ariel murdering someone with a knife, the tree the Morley crashed into before showing up in Green Wake, Carl pulling what looks to be a long string of bloody entrails and the horrific frog-like creature that's merged with human bodies and spewing smaller frogs from its mouth. I spent the most time staring at that creature because there's quite a bit of symbolism on there. More than you'd first realize at a glance. So if you pick up a copy of this when it comes out, be sure to take note of the artwork.

There was also an image of Morley and Anna running happily through the rain to their car before the accident that had a dual feel to it. Obviously with both characters grinning, you instantly get a happy reaction from the picture, but then not only do you realize what's going to happen next, but the colors of the picture are still muted browns with tinges of green, which detracts a little from the joyfulness. You're basically left with a bittersweet sensation and I thought would have been pretty hard to pull off in the art style Rossmo uses for Green Wake, but he manages masterfully.

The third issue is definitely a must-read if you've been following along so far. The plot's slowly starting to unfold and peek its beady little eyes out. Of course we're not able to see the plot in its entirety, just little pieces here and there to keep the mystery and suspense flowing freely. This is definitely the type of series any thriller fan would love -- full of enigmatic questions and chilling puzzles that will no doubt leave you hooked.

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