DC Halloween Special 2010

A comic review article by: Karyn Pinter
For the current trick-or-treat season, the DC heroes are showcased in a collection of Halloween themed short stories.

Ugh, I don’t know what it is about these collections, but every time one comes out it is so lackluster and so unworthy of the iconic characters who star in them. I’ve seen TV holiday specials more entertaining than this, and many of them starred the Brady Bunch. This Halloween Special displays the same lackluster and empty storytelling that the over-hyped Wednesday Comics did. Some stories held your attention, but most seemed rushed with in sufficient plot and ultimately the waste of a character. For example, there’s one story that features Superman and the Demon, and I can’t for the life of me figure out what it has to do with Halloween, other than the tiny group of kids in costume who were barely part of the story. You just get the feeling that this comic was thrown together, like names of writers and artists were pulled out of a hat and they were given two days to come up with anything that could possibly pass as a Halloween story.

Sometimes I wonder why DC does things like this, then I look at the price of the comic and I remember. It’s all about the money. I really want DC to produce comics because they love them the way we love them, but they don’t. They make comics because they like money and the Halloween Special is proof of that. Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, and Robin all played a part in a foul Halloween trick. The release of this Special is one step away from the DC execs jumping out from behind some bushes wearing fright masks and nabbing your pillow case filled with sweets.

The only thing scary about DC’s Halloween special is how disjointed it is and the fact that I blew three bucks on it. Boo, indeed. I can’t recommend the Halloween issue this year; it just isn’t worth seeing the DC characters so misused in this way. Save your money and buy all the Halloween candy when it goes on sale at the drug store. Better to rot your teeth than your brain.

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