Invincible #77

A comic review article by: Jason Sacks
Okay, well, you know that Viltrumite War that’s been happening in this title? The one where much blood was shed and the Invincible Universe was going to change forever, in tremendously significant ways? You know, the one that was going to change the status quo in this book forever?

Well, umm, sorry folks, just forget about it.

I’m holding myself back here, avoiding the massive plot twist that happens in this issue. I don’t want to spoil this comic for you before you get a chance to read it.

But after you get a chance to read Invincible #77 and get a chance to see how this whole bloody war winds up, do me a big favor and come back here to the Comics Bulletin forums and let me know what you think: is this an awesome move, with Robert Kirkman taking the road less traveled, finding his own way and delivering an ending that conclusively proves his independence? Or is it a letdown, a pained, Bendis-like anticlimax that ultimately leaves this series with the oddest sense of inconclusiveness?

I feel like it’s the latter, personally.

I get that this may be the only way the storyline could end and still keep the integrity of the book. If it ended the other way, this comic could have gone all Savage Dragon and that just isn’t the game that Kirkman and Ottley are playing here.

But it just feels inconclusive, unsatisfying, just kind of blah.

That’s it. This isn’t much of a review, but I really didn’t like this ending. Did you?

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