Who is Jake Ellis? #3

A comic review article by: Jason Sacks
ADVANCE REVIEW! Who is Jake Ellis #3 will come out on March 30, 2011.

It’s the middle chapter of this miniseries, and the multiple mysteries of Jake Ellis and Jake Ellis continue to proceed in their typically interesting and compelling ways.

Middle chapters of miniseries are often hard to review by themselves. These often have vital importance to the plot, but don’t always contain the most action or revelations. We often get great action, but on its own it often doesn’t satisfy in the same way that the opening or closing chapters do.

That’s the case here. Part of this issue is reflective, as Jon is still living with the pain and frustration of seeing his lover killed in issue one. The other part builds the core storyline, as Jon and Jake work together to discover the truth behind the mystery of the Facility, where their two personalities were basically fused together. And yet another part is a series of exciting espionage scenes in Toulouse, France, and Madrid, Spain.

It’s a transitional issue, in other words -- a bridge that reflects on the past and builds towards the climax. It's just as entertaining as every other issue in this series.

Tonji Zonjic’s art is as effective in this issue as it has been in every other. There’s so much to like about his clean line style: the specificity of locations, the uniqueness of peoples’ faces and, of course, the intensity and mystery of the Jake Ellis character.

So this transitional middle issue of Nathan Edmondson and Tonji Zonjic’s terrific action series has terrific art and compelling story -- just like the previous two issues had and next two issues probably will.

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