JSA #78

A comic review article by: Jason Sacks
So much happens in this issue: Nabu reinhabits Doctor Fate's mask and body. At the same time, there's a war in the fifth dimension that is killing their brightest heroes. Meanwhile, Mordru breaks free of his imprisonment, attacks the wizard Shazam and begins to follow through on his megalomaniacal plans. Finally, we meet the Thunderbolt's child and see the turning of one of the JSA's members.

This is one busy comic book, the perfect antidote to a world of decompressed storytelling and characters who love to hear themselves talk. Keith Champagne, the JSA's longtime inker, obviously has a big story to bring to readers, and he goes all-out to present it. It's a clichè, I know, but there's barely a moment to breathe between all the action scenes. So many balls are thrown up in the air that I'm anxious to come back just to see if Champagne can keep juggling them.

Kramer and Champagne do a wonderful job on the art. Their depictions of action are exciting, and even in the scenes in the Fifth Dimension, which could have been confusing, they do a good job at keeping things clear for readers. I especially liked the scenes of Mordru, made of stone, fighting Shazam. Mordru has an interesting and spooky look to him on those pages.

I was lukewarm about the Infinite Crisis going into this issue of JSA, but coming out of it, I'm excited to see where it leads.

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