Super Spy Weekly

A comic review article by: Jason Sacks
Super Spy Weekly is a digest-sized black-and-white collection of Matt Kindt's Super Spy comics that appear as web comics on the Top Shelf website. There are four strips in the book, each seemingly independent of the others - though there are connections between the stories if you look for them.

Each of the stories has a different tone from its companions. The first story has a quiet tone and actually seems a bit dull until Kindt delivers a powerhouse ending. Kindt uses a claustrophobic art style in this one to intensify the story - for readers, the short little panels make us feel uneasy all through the story, but we don't know why. The second story "The Super Spy," is a much more conventional story but one in which Kindt's wonderful use of blacks serves to make the story feel almost apocalyptic. Story three, "Spy vs. Spy," is a clever take on two spies who have completely opposite ways of being great at their spy work. This one uses a very clever parallel structure to make the contrast between the two spies very intriguing. Finally, "The Whisp" provides a nice meditation on the difference between reality and fiction before hitting the reader with a very dramatic conclusion.

Apparently these stories are sorts of tangents to Kindt's ambitious 2 Sisters graphic novel, which I haven't read. However, my lack of knowledge of the back-story didn't hurt me at all here; I was able to follow these stories without knowing any of the back-story.

I have no idea of the cost of this mini-comic, but you can probably find more information about it on Top Shelf's website.

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