Sidekick #2

A comic review article by: Jason Sacks
"My name is Eddie Edison. This is me. By day, I am a highly-strung pizza delivery boy. By night, I am largely responsible for the dubious physical assaults perpetrated against this city's criminal element. This is due to the fact that I have recently become a sidekick to four superheroes at the same time." That's basically the premise for this wacky superhero sitcom. Through his own greed and stupidity, Eddie has become sidekick to a Batman and a Superman character, but more importantly, has to dress as a girl to help a Wonder Woman type heroine and as a black man to help a gangsta rap hero. Oh yeah, and his girlfriend is an oversexed stripper/porn star, who just kind of adds to Eddie's agony.

There are some clever scenes in this comic. The scene where Eddie studies Ebonics for Dummies is funny, and the bit with Eddie and a rubber blowup doll cracked me up. So the comic succeeded for me. It's not overwhelmingly hilarious to me, but humor is a subjective thing and your mileage may vary. Sidekick definitely kept a smile on my face, anyway.

Chris Moreno does a fine job with the art, which has a nice animated style that adds to the humor of the book. The fact that the story resembles one produced by DC's animated line just makes the book even more funny.

Paul Jenkins and Chris Moreno deliver a humorous comic that delivers some real chuckles. This is fun stuff.

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