My Faith In Frankie #1

A comic review article by: Jason Sacks
Frankie Moxon is a 17-years-girl who has her very own personal god, named Jerivan. Unfortunately for Frankie, Jerivan is a jealous god, and whenever Frankie begins to get close to a boy, Jerivan brings the wrath of a god upon the unsuspecting boy. The story opens with Frankie in a parked car with her current boyfriend. Just as things are getting hot and heavy, Jerivan swoops down and sets a plague of bunny rabbits upon the car. The boyfriend gets scared away, as did so many in the past, and Frankie becomes determined to get Jerivan to back off a bit. Wacky scenes ensue.

The Good:
If the summary doesn't give you enough of an idea, this is a very fresh and unique comic. This is one of the few comics I've read recently where I've had no idea where the book was going, and there were several scenes where Carey, Hempel and Liew had me laughing out loud. The sight of dozens of bunny rabbits hopping on and around the hood of a parked car was especially funny. The relationship between Frankie and her friend Kay seems quite charming and realistic while Jerivan's story is quite clever.

The art in this comic, shared by Sonny Liew and Marc Hempel, is very unique. It looks like Liew inks his own work in the scenes that are set in the present day, while Hempel inks Liew in the flashback scenes. The flashbacks have a much looser penciling style than the current-day scenes - the flashbacks look like something out of Calvin & Hobbes, while the current day scenes have kind of a Paul Pope vibe. It's a clever and unique touch.

The Bad:
At the end of the issue there's a hint that the tone of the story might get darker. I hope not! It would be very much a Vertigo cliché for a supernatural character to become evil, creating conflict in the story. It would be much more of a surprise for the story to keep up the whimsical tone it has to this point. Hopefully Carey can at least keep the story fresh through the next three issues.

Oh My Goddess!
If Carey, Liew and Hempel can keep this series fresh, it could be a great four issues. If the book gets serious, it could be a long ride.

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