Army Of Darkness: Ashes 2 Ashes #1

A comic review article by: Jason Sacks
Man, I love this comic book! I was worried that this comic wouldn't live up to the great film it's based on. Adaptations usually pretty much suck in general, and sequels are always kind of hit or miss. Plus the original film of Army of Darkness depended on the charisma of Bruce Campbell as it did from the wacky loony tunes zombie plotline. But Hartnell does a great job with the script and Bradshaw does a fantastic job on the art, making this a real exception to the rule.

Andy Hartnell's script is really clever. This comic is both a sequel and prequel to Army of Darkness, taking place at the same time as the events of the first Evil Dead movie. It's a tough trick, but Hartnell handles it well. He also does a great job bringing readers up to date with the saga, so if you've missed any of the three Evil Dead movies, you won't be lost.

Nick Bradshaw's art is fantastic. He draws the characters in kind of animated funky style, but his backgrounds are amazingly styled, and he obviously loves to draw gore. It's a fun combination that helps give the comic an appropriately cinematic feel.

Ashes 2 Ashes is a hell of a lot of fun.

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