Pacesetter: the George Perez Magazine #4

A book review article by: Jason Sacks
It's so fun to read a print fanzine these days. I love the convenience and depth of material you can find on the web, but there's something that's just special about holding a printed fanzine in your hands. Pacesetter is the perfect example of why zines are special. This issue, the special Teen Titans issue, contains page after page after page of interviews, articles and art discussing Perez and his work on the Titans. It's a treat to flip through the 84 pages in the zine and find a 25+ page art gallery or interviews about the Titans cartoon or a long piece on stories that ended up on "The Cutting Room Floor" (as the piece was called).

This is a nicely professional-seeming zine. The color cover looks terrific, and the editor tool pains to provide really diverse content while making sure to include plenty of what the readers really care about - lots of obscure George Perez art.

I'm not a huge fan of Perez, but I found a lot to enjoy in this zine. Plus my copy arrived autographed by both Perez and his wife Carol Flynn! Too cool!

$6.95 from larger comic shops (I saw it at Comics Dungeon in Seattle today) or find information here ( about ordering it by mail.

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