X-Force #1

A comic review article by: Jason Sacks
One conversation sums this book up.

Cable: We have a purpose, right here, right now. Interested?
Shatterstar: Will it involve mindless violence?
Cable: Of course.
Shatterstar: Sounds good to me.

Yeah, it's as bad as you think it is. There's an almost nonexistent plot, badly drawn muscles, and heroes in impossible poses. There are classic Liefeld moments like the hero kicking both his legs, exposing his, well, under-endowed package. The only thing it's missing is very big guns, dammit.

There's even my favorite Liefeld art cliché, the hero that changes sizes from panel to panel. Check out page four of this comic. In panel one the grey-haired barbarian Traveler looks to be about 50 feet tall - he towers over the much smaller D'Narda even through he's six stairs behind her on a fairly small staircase. Yet in panel four, when he's brushing past D'Narda, Traveler looks to be only a foot or so taller than D'Narda. He really is a talented guy, growing and shrinking like that.

The genius of this comic is that if you don't look at it too closely, it almost seems to be kind of somewhat slightly in the neighborhood of being decent. But if you take your time with it, Liefeld shines on almost every page. Page seven, long panel: where are Cable's fingers in that fist and why don't they take up any space? Or pages 17 and 18, when does Cable get a chance to change his gloves in the middle of a fight? Or page 9, how does Cable get those spears?

Rob, welcome back.

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