Vigilante #1

A comic review article by: Jason Sacks
This is a poorly edited book, and reads like a story that should have had an extra draft. There are many places where the story in this comic breaks down, places where there are odd plot holes. I almost feel like I can go scene-by-scene finding large and small holes.

On page one, for instance, two sisters share a bedroom. One of the sisters is painting her toenails. In their banter, the other sister threatens to tell her mother about the nail polish. But that doesn't make sense. The mother could smell or see the polish anyway. So why the threat?

Or when a child killer is found dead, with the police at his apartment at 8:26 a.m., how does it reach the print version of the Daily Planet only an hour and a half later? When the police are tossing the apartment, there's no sign of press; how could such news make the paper in such lightning speed? And why would the death of a child killer make a banner headline on the front page, anyway?

Or the scene where a prostitute is chased by her pimp outside a porn theatre in "Banger Alley." First of all, is there even such a thing as a porn theatre anymore? Beyond that, when the pimp chases Gina, where does she run and how does the pimp go from behind her to in front of her in the space of one panel? Is he using the speed force? And why does Gina talk in a stereotypically bad Mexican accent when everybody else in the comic, absolutely everybody, speaks correctly? And how do the police find out about this murder so quickly if it's such a bad area of town? Wouldn't the people there try to handle things themselves?

Why don't the police believe "Mook" when he draws a picture of the Vigilante, and how can it in any way, shape or form look like tatoo art?

Why is Jones's script scrupulous about stating the date and time for each scene in the first half of the comic, then suddenly drop that convention towards the back half of the comic?

Why would a police psychiatrist share her findings in a murder case, especially about the presence of a vigilante, with a civilian psychiatrist who defends criminals on the stand in court?

Vigilante is a mess. The cover promises something interesting: a mystery, an urban legend angle to a vigilante story. Inside, we just get poorly edited drek. Nobody asked for a new Vigilante comic; what's the point of releasing one if you're not going to do a good job on it?

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