Flytrap: Episode One

A comic review article by: Jason Sacks
This is a very nice mini-comic from the team of Steve Lieber and Sara Ryan. Flytrap is the story of one very bad day in the life of Maddy. Maddy works as a publicist when she's not chasing after her deadbeat musician boyfriend Klaus. In the midst of a chaotic morning, as she's desperately trying to get Klaus to take some responsibility for his life, destiny calls for Maddy in the form of members of a circus coming into the office. After seeing her car towed away, Klaus blowing her off, and getting fired from her job, Maddy finally makes a life decision: it's time to join the circus.

Really the only problem with this comic is that it's too short at a mere 16 pages. The story is fun, intelligent and involving, and the art is wonderful. It's no secret that Steve Lieber is a very good artist, but his art is especially wondeful here. It reminds me very much of the work of Dick Giordano with its clean lines and wonderful clarity. The comic also has a number of clever storytelling tricks that make it an especially wonderful comic. I love the clever way that the word balloon is used when Maddy cofronts a tow-truck driver.

Be warned that this is a small black-and-white mini-comic with a cardboard cover, more zine than full-sized comic. But at a mere $2 for this labor of love (there's a paypal link at the above URL), it's well worth checking out.

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