Ellium: Principles of Chaos

A comic review article by: Jason Sacks
Angelica Cain's father has apparently been killed by a shadowy group of foot soldiers for a nasty dragon, Mosh El Tep. The foot soldiers, part of a group called the Plato Continuum, are in pursuit of a powerful sword, the less well known partner of Excalibur, and will stop at nothing to gain the weapon. Angelica is saved from an attack by another shadowy group, the Ellium, who have become deeply ingrained with the world of the future. Naturally, things don't go as well as planned, and Angelica finds her life in jeopardy, as she gets caught in the middle of a war.

Ellium: Principles of Chaos is a nicely illustrated action story that pretty much left me cold. I could admire the artwork and feel the depth of the Moser's passion for the story, but I honestly just found myself uninterested in the book. Maybe it's because Angelica and her father don't seem to be sketched out in any real depth. We learn that the father, Gabriel, is a kind of secret agent, and we see some of the toll it takes on his life with Angelica, but still the story seems to be missing a bit of resonance that would make the characters' lives compelling.

Or maybe it left me cold because the plot seems to tread some pretty familiar grounds. Great and powerful conspiracies that control the levers of government seem pretty ordinary these days. Shadow conspiracies seem to be everywhere in the media, and it might have been nice to see something a little bit more mysterious behind the scenes.

That said, though, Moser's graphic novel has some nice touches. His art is interesting and unique, and I really like the way he illustrates the supernatural creatures in the story. His art is moody and dark, a perfect complement for his story and has the potential to evolve into something really nice. And the very things I complain about with this volume may end up being addressed in future volumes. As readers get to know Angelica, we'll start to feel more comfortable about her and her world.

Overall, though, Ellium: Principles of Chaos was a nicely-illustrated comic that just didn't really grab me. Your mileage may vary.

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