Kane v5: The Untouchable Rico Costas and Other Stories

A comic review article by: Jason Sacks
Paul Grist's wonderful crime comic marches into its fifth volume, this time bringing readers a blind assassin, a very annoying monkey, a crazy arsonist, and a man who turns himself in for police protection even though the police can't legally touch him.

Yeah, it's still more wonderful comics work from the pen of Paul Grist, who never seems to miss a step. Every page of Grist's comics are intelligently created and contain wonderful storytelling elements. Grist is a master at using ink in his work - some pages seems so suffused with black that they practically bleed mood and atmosphere, while others use blacks to emphasize expressions or action. What's most impressive is that all of this seems to be so well thought out. Bits of action or art from earlier in the book have resonance later. Character quirks from the beginning are similar towards the end, with only subtle differences. Characters build as the story goes on, instead of staying static. And plot expands slowly and in subtle ways, always leaving a reader off balance.

This is a sensational book: funny, smart, with gorgeous art and a clever story. Who cares if there are no superheroes in it? Buy Paul Grists's comics! You'll thank me for insisting on it.

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