Stray Bullets #40

A comic review article by: Jason Sacks
This might be the most darkly hilarious issue in the entire run of Stray Bullets. See, there's this kid, Kevin, who's kidnapped this girl, Virginia Applejack, that he goes to high school with. Virgina keeps trying to escape but keeps failing and gets beaten up. Meanwhile, Kevin's dad, who wears a hearing aid, has somehow gotten tangled up with some other kids' drug business.

I know it doesn't sound funny, but somehow in the execution, it all works. In this wonderfully syncopated story, the two plots keep twisting around each other, never quite touching. The father's hearing aid completely isolates him, to the point where he seems completely lost in his own small world. He has no idea that Virginia is around and, since he's already in his own hot water, probably doesn't care. Meanwhile, his son, like most teenagers, is oblivious to his father's crises and just cares about his own life. The ending, where the father gets double-crossed, is a wonderful twist, a perfect ending for a crazily breezy story.

This is typically brilliant work from David Lapham. Who would believe that such a horrific storyline would be so funny?

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