Doc Frankenstein #4

A comic review article by: Jason Sacks
If you want outrageous, all-out supernatural adventure, this is the comic book for you. In Doc Frankenstein #4, the Wachowski Brothers tell the story of how the Frankenstein Monster and the Werewolf got to be great friends - in an old west shootout where each gets shot at least a dozen times without harm. If one can't kill the other, then why not go get drunk together? Meanwhile, in the present, Frankenstein is on the run from a pack of marauding werewolves, no relation to his old friend, and Vickie Von Frankenstein, "the great, great granddaughter of the modern Prometheus, Victor," is working on her own plans to bring about live via parthenogenesis. And our werewolf and his human friend are flying a very cool jet in an attempt to help someone.

This isn't the most intellectually stimulating comic out there, but it's tremendously outrageous fun. Any comic that starts with a character literally crapping bullets and ends with Frankenstein attacked by werewolves has to be wild, and the Wachowski Brothers and artist Skroce completely embrace that wildness. This is brilliantly, wildly, fun.

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