Bomb Queen #2

A comic review article by: Jason Sacks
I just loved the hell out of this demented comic book. Bomb Queen, the well-endowed and skimpily dressed de facto leader of New Port City, has to deal with a new super-hero brought to town by one of the city's mayoral candidates. Naturally she doesn't take him to be a threat, instead mocking him. But will Bomb Queen's massive hubris end up being her downfall?

The interesting thing about having Bomb Queen being the lead character is that as readers, we kind of want her to always come out on top. She's cute, she has attitude, she has big breasts with nipples that fall out of her costume. But for all of her attractiveness, Bomb Queen is unquestionably the villain of this comic. Ace Justice, the hero who comes to town, is clearly a good man. He's fighting to bring down an evil woman who makes killing part of her everyday routine. It's just that Ace Justice seems a bit, well, insipid, while Bomb Queen is exciting and vivacious. Of course, Bomb Queen is also terribly, horribly, evil.

So writer/artist Jimmie Robinson sets up a funny dilemma for readers. When Bomb Queen blows up a whole room of convention-goers who oppose her regime, it's both funny and horrific. She seems so much cooler than Ace Justice, and yet how can a reader root for someone who's committed such horrific crimes?

This is really fun stuff, full of subtle background jokes (take a look at the notes in the classroom in the first scene) and a clever approach to traditional material. I can't wait to see how this whole crazy story works out.

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