Black Panther #15

A comic review article by: Jason Sacks
You might have missed it in all the talk of crises and civil wars, but the Black Panther is marrying Storm of the X-Men. Well, I hope I'm not spoiling it too much to reveal that Ororo accepts T'Challa's proposal in this issue, since that information has been all over the internet.

This is a charmingly fun issue showing the nice relationship that the two heroes have with each other. It's clear that the Panther and Storm enjoy each other's company and have a great time bantering with each other as they fight a second-rate villain (well, the Panther does the fighting, winning even though he's distracted by Ororo's hard-to-get attitude) before they return to the Panther's kingdom of Wakanda to meet T'Challa's mother and have a nice moment of peace before all the chaos of the royal wedding begins.

Reginald Hudlin delivers a nicely low-key issue that provides a wonderful contrast to the major events happening elsewhere in the Marvel Universe. For a change, in a Marvel book all the major players seem happy, there are no secret plots or mysteries to uncover, and villains are inept instead of frightening. In short, this is a wonderful break from all the drama of the other major Marvel series.

Eaton and Janson deliver charming artwork to match the charming story. The character of the Arabian Knight is cleverly funny, while the artists do a nice job of showing the fun interplay between Ororo and T'Challa. Their two-page spread of Wakanda City is especially nice. These guys are pros, and they show it on every page.

It's nice to read a Marvel book that's fun and not bogged down in one crisis after the next. This isn’t a great comic book, but it definitely is a breath of fresh air.

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