Bomb Queen #4

A comic review article by: Jason Sacks
I should have known that this series would lose some momentum over its four issues. After all, it's almost impossible to keep up issue one's wonderful level of chaos and hilarity over 100 pages and four issues.

For instance, the first page of this issue presents a scene in a voting center in New Port City, the town that Bomb Queen basically runs and where the dark side of human emotions are not just allowed, but encouraged. A scene in a previous issue that took place in a school produced all kinds of sight gags and funny scenes, and I expected Robinson to try the same sort of thing with this scene. However, Robinson never quite shows readers the depth of those peoples' depravity.

The issue is full of lost opportunities like that. Here's another: Bomb Queen and the Mayor talk about the election that's happening in this issue. There are jokes about the Mayor's tiny penis and lack of sex drive, but those jokes don't really have much of an impact. They don't quite resonate as jokes, more as slightly humorous asides.

Then there's the giant hero called Public Power. He's a giant blue guy who seems strong, but he's also a blank canvas, not a character worthy of ridicule or humor. He's just too bland to be funny, and he doesn't really do anything very humorous, anyway. Eventually, Public Power is defeated by something that was never hinted at previously in the comic: an allergy to cats. The conclusion comes out of nowhere, so it has no real dramatic or humorous resonance. I guess it's slightly humorous for a giant to be defeated by a cat, in the same way that an elephant is afraid of a mouse, but it's not exactly rib-tickling.

There are a few cute scenes, though. In the scene where the mayor talks to the media, the channels covering him are "TV Nigga," CBS, a Nazi channel and Gay-TV, represented by a penis-shaped microphone. That's cute. And it's funny to see Bomb Queen's costume come apart during the battle (she gets a Brazilian wax, if you're curious).

But overall this is a slightly disappointing final issue. I still enjoyed this mini-series to pieces, but the last issue just didn't explode for me like the previous three issues did.

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