Girls #13

A comic review article by: Jason Sacks
This is the first issue of Girls that I've read, but I really enjoyed it. Girls is the story of a small town, Pennystown, that is under siege by a group of aliens who look like young naked girls. The girls have committed acts of great brutality against the townspeople, who live in terror of the aliens. The aliens have literally cut off Pennystown from the outside world, in a giant bubble, and the townspeople have to continue to live in fear of the aliens.

Quite honestly, when I picked up this issue I expected to feel completely lost when reading it. After all, this is chapter 13 of around 25, and I didn't expect it to be very inviting for the new reader. But that was not at all the case. Girls was actually very easy to figure out, and I very quickly found myself immersed in the bizarre and spooky life of the villagers.

I really enjoyed how there are really two horrors for the villagers in this story. One is the aliens, of course, but the other is the base and venal lives of many of the villagers. We learn in the course of the story that several of the men have had sex with the aliens, which only would serve to deepen the threat against them. And yet many of the men seemed unable to resist the attentions of these girls. What a horrific predicament! What a spooky setting! What a horrible testament to human nature!

I didn't enjoy the Luna brothers' art on Spider-Woman: Origin, but here it is perfect for the story. Their oddly flat, animated style only heightens the spooky unreality of the story. Their stylized faces and claustrophobic setting are well served by similar elements in their art.

I guess the summary of my review is obvious. I came into this comic not knowing anything about what to expect. I come out of reading this comic intrigued to read much more.

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