O.C.T.: Occult Crimes Taskforce #1

A comic review article by: Jason Sacks
You probably saw Rosario Dawson in Sin City, Clerks II or Rent, and here you can see her on the printed page in what obviously is the adaptation of an unproduced screenplay. I was actually surprised how much I enjoyed this "film on paper," as it's a fairly clever and fun story that feels kind of realistic.

Officer Sophie Ortiz gets suspended from the police force for yelling at a superior officer. After serving her suspension, Officer Ortiz is surprised to be reassigned to another unit: the Occult Crimes Taskforce. The O.C.T. is dedicated to protecting the good people of Manhattan from invasions of creatures from another realm (Manhattan is a gateway to another realm, you see), and Sophie's dad was, back in the day, a proud wearer of the O.C.T.'s shield. The O.C.T. isn’t just beat cops looking to beat up devil worshippers, either. They're spell-casters and magic users, and a few demons from the other side that have joined the side of good. It's all a very fun and clever set-up for the inevitable nastiness that will shortly follow.

Atchison's story manages to use a few clichés while maintaining a fresh feel. We haven't quite seen this set-up before, but we've seen the general concepts, which gives the story a certain combination of familiarity and freshness. The story really feels like a screenplay that's gone through a few drafts, and it reads crisply.

Tony Shasteen does a great job of drawing Rosario looking like Rosario. On the printed page, Detective Ortiz looks just like Rosario Dawson does in the movies. She has beautiful brown eyes, great hair, and a figure that most women would die for. In other words, Shasteen's art is pretty photo-realistic, not just for Ortiz but for all the characters. Her boss, Captain Sercan, is also drawn very consistently, and looks like a character actor you might have seen before.

This was a surprisingly entertaining set-up for a four issue mini-series. I would see this movie if they made it; in the meantime, I'll content myself with this pre-emptive adaptation.

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