Fear Agent #6

A comic review article by: Jason Sacks
Only in comics could there be something like Fear Agent.

This issue begins with creatures made mainly of giant brains in clear helmets debating free will versus predestination as they probe the mind of Heath Huston, the last Fear Agent. It ends eons in the future, as time travel police in a ship "miles wide and the size of a city" destroy a city because of the crime of time travel.

If it were a movie, Fear Agent would be the most insane, preposterous special effects extravaganza ever presented. In this issue alone there are three types of aliens, giant spaceships, interstellar wars and even a talking spaceship computer. That's not even mentioning the bizarre alien landscapes or just who in the world would play the Heath in the movie.

This is a wild, glorious spectacular done as a comic book because only comics could contain a story of this absurd splendor.

Amazingly enough, this isn't even as wild as this series has been in the past. Previous artist Tony Moore's absurdly kinetic and detailed art brought this comic to a higher level of wackiness. That's not to slight the work of Jerome Opena, who's a perfectly fine artist for this series. Opena does a great job creating bizarre yet easily comprehensible aliens and settings, keeping the comic grounded in some sort of reality. But I do miss Moore at times.

This is widescreen sci-fi action it its comic booky best. It's a thrill a page.

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