Daredevil #91

A comic review article by: Jason Sacks
Part three of "The Devil Takes a Ride" continues the exquisitely complex storyline by Brubaker, Lark and Gaudiano. Daredevil has discovered that he's been betrayed by Lily Lucca, a woman who he once trusted. Now Lily, in league with the villainous Tombstone and Matador, tries to lure Daredevil into a trap. But who is the person who is really setting the trap?

Lark and Gaudiano's art is exquisite. Their illustrations of Paris look nearly photo-realistic. It's rare to see artists spend so much time setting up the atmosphere of a city, but these artists do that. Whether they're showing a panoramic view of the city, on the first page, or the seedy area near a bridge, the art positively breathes atmosphere. The art almost makes the comic feel like a movie set on location in Paris. The artists also do a great job of drawing the characters. Their depiction of Daredevil is wonderful. He's lean and strong but acrobatic rather than muscular. If you saw him on the street, Matt wouldn’t strike anyone as a gym rat, but more as someone amazingly physically fit. Meanwhile, the artists draw Tombstone in exactly the opposite way. He's an enormous man, the sort who would be very imposing if you saw him, always ready for a fight.

Brubaker's writing is wonderful as well. He delivers a taut and exciting thriller. One thing that stands out in this comic is Matt Murdock's intelligence and discipline. He has intense focus on finding out the truth of Lily's plans, and will let nothing stop him. He's passionate about the fight, but his passion is tempered by his cunning. Murdock has been through far too many wars to allow himself to make mistakes at this point, no matter how much Lily reminds him of his lost love, Karen.

In every aspect, this is a terrific comic book. The art is gorgeous, the writing is intelligent, characterization is spot-on, and the plot is intriguing. This is a damn good comic book.

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