Bomb Queen II: Dirty Bomb - Queen of Hearts

A comic review article by: Jason Sacks
I just loved then hell out of this book. Bomb Queen is a completely fun. light-hearted, incredibly violent comic book filled with page after page of nudity, catfights, gender-bending villains, and a hero/villain who's so lovingly created, so over-the-top nasty that she somehow feels completely charming.

It takes a lot of talent to make a character like Bomb Queen be as charming as she is here. Jimmie Robinson does a great job of making a woman who's literally a castrating bitch into a woman who I really enjoyed spending time with. Bomb Queen is funny in part because she's completely over the top. She's pure evil, but with a smirk and smile and funny costume that she often wears when she's not parading around naked. She's also slightly sympathetic in this story. Bomb Queen was really screwed over by her partners so it makes sense for her to seek revenge. I just loved watching her going through her crazy paces.

Robinson's artwork is just perfect for the book. It's cartoony and bright, full of visual jokes and asides that make the story even more wonderful. The little asides when BQ has sex with her British paramour are hilarious, for instance.

So this is a short review, I guess. This is a funny and surprisingly charming comic book with a cleverly amoral character. If you'd an adult who likes comics, you'll probably find it funny too.

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