Thor #5

A comic review article by: Jason Sacks
As Thor continues his quest to find the lost Asgardians, he finds a hidden prison full of people. In the jail, Thor finds a beautiful raven-haired Asgardian. But the god he finds is not the one that he, or the readers, might expect.

Thus far JMS's re-invention of Thor has been a success for me. It's been a fairly slow-moving story thus far, but that quiet tempo has only added to the majesty and mystery of the story. JMS is crafting a story about gods walking the Earth, and it makes sense for that story to take some time to play out. The slow tempo also allows the story to have small moments of humanity, where people relate to the gods on an even playing field. It gives the reader a feeling for the interrelation between gods and men, an idea that seems to be at the core of JMS's story.

This issue brings a few more mysteries into the story. First of all, we get the mystery of the prison. Why was it built? What sinister force has created it? Secondly, why have the people in that prison remade the dreaded Destroyer, the creature imbued with the energy of Odin himself. And finally we get the mystery of the reborn god. Can that god be trusted? Has their literal physical transformation also brought on a transformation in personality? Or are gods, unable to change their true natures? Maybe the surprise villain on the last page gives a clue to the answer.

Coipel's majestic art is great for this story. I love the image of Heimdall on page four, face literally full of stars as he looks at the world around him. Coipel draws a great version of the Destroyer as well, and his first drawing of Balder really captures the heart of the character.

JMS's take on Thor will definitely work better in a TPB, but this is a very entertaining step along the way for readers who can't wait for the collection.

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