Bomb Queen: the Divine Comedy #3

A comic review article by: Jason Sacks
Hey, we get a new heroine joining the Jimmieverse this issue, and she's a hoot! DeeRail is the heroine who literally rides the rails to fight crime. Through the auspices of a strange government experiment, a college student is transformed into an amazing heroine whose consciousness lives at least partially on the nation's rail system. The nicest touch about DeeRail? Like Aquaman, she can't be separated from the rails for more than 24 hours under the possibility of death.

Okay, that's not the nicest part about the character. The nicest part is the sheer glee that DeeRail seems to feel about her super-powers. The smirk she shows at the bottom of page eight is positively infectious – or maybe that's just part of my reaction to the goofy look she has, with a giant pilot light stuck to her forehead.

In fact, that's kind of part of why Bomb Queen is so lovable as well. She's so content in her bad self, so full of joy at the endless destruction and chaos that she creates, that readers can't help but share the job that the character feels. And I love this monologue that BQ delivers as she literally shreds some of the citizens of her home town of New Port City, "Stupid people gotta remember who's the f*ing villain around here. I'm not your f*ing anti-hero. Not the vigilante. I'm not your mother*ing super-hero comic book bitch. Dumbf*cks who try to put me in a box end up in one. Any questions?"

Meanwhile the seemingly bucolic town of Littleville continues to have problems with a mass murderer, and the webmasters of just keep trying to get more scoops.

It all adds up to one of the craziest, nastiest and funniest sitcoms you can ever expect to find. I love my monthly visits to Jimmie Robinson's crazy community.

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