Savage Dragon #152

A comic review article by: Jason Sacks
"Haven't you heard? I was married a few years back – you were in Dimension X at the time" – Ann Stevens, Mighty Man (yes, Mighty Man (hey, it's complicated!)

Seems like in every issue of SD there's one quote that could only come from this comic. Erik Larsen's so great at delivering an insanely complicated super-hero universe while making that universe feel complete and fun and real, in the way that shared universes can't really be.

The reason I love Dragon so much is because Larsen really has created a complete universe in his comics. The comic is incredibly unpredictable and quirky and weird, but the unpredictability and strangeness comes from the quality and depth of the universe that Larsen creates. Part of the thrill of this comic is that Larsen has an incredible depth of characters. He seems to have a feeling for where all of his many, many characters are at a time, and loves to bring those characters in and out of the story as he sees fit.

The core story this issue is that the Savage Dragon has been destroyed by a man wearing the Overlord suit. He's not the real Overlord, but regardless he's strong enough to be able to kill the Dragon with basically a flick of his finger.

If you're thinking that the Dragon basically can't die, you're right. But he hasn't reappeared recently in the comic, and there's this crazily beat-up creature running around who vaguely looks like the Dragon in basically the same way that Venom looks like Spider-Man. The guy's spooky-looking – check out that cover above for more details. At this point I know that Larsen will bring the Dragon back – that's inevitable and has happened before, after all – but I have no idea how it will happen. Will it be cloning or will the Dragon from another dimension appear, or will he and the Venom like guy fight each other for possession of the body?

I have no idea. And for that I love this comic.

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