Thunderbolts #130

A comic review article by: Dan Hill

Up until this issue Andy Diggle's run on Thunderbolts had a certain air about it, a book firmly set in the darker corners of the Marvel universe. Robert De La Torre's art and Frank Martin's colours really helped in setting this tone. 

So as ever, here comes Deadpool to throw a spanner in the works. This issue is Part Two of "Magnum Opus", a crossover with Deadpool, with Part One coming in the latest issue of Deadpool (issue #7). The set-up is as follows: During "Secret Invasion" Osborn stole the intel needed to kill the Skrull Queen from Deadpool. Deadpool comes looking for a bit of payback. Osborn hands the Thunderbolts the task of getting rid of "the merc with the mouth."

What will be immediately noticeable when opening the book is the change in artist, and with it a change in the aforementioned tone. Given the introduction of Deadpool into the world of the Thunderbolts and the nature of his character, a change in tone isn't unexpected. This is where the change in artist makes sense. Bong Dazo's art lends itself to the more light hearted nature of this arc. Dazo's pencils are a lot cleaner than De La Torre's, and overall he has much more "cartoonish" look. But again, this suits the story at hand. I also liked Dazo's rendering of Ghost, giving him that ethereal quality the character demands. Frank Martin does an excellent job with his colours. Whilst the story is lighter, Martin's colours firmly establish it's set in the same dark corner of the Marvel U.

The transition between this issue and Deadpool #7 really is seamless, especially when looking at the character of Deadpool himself. Andy Diggle does an excellent job of capturing Deadpool's very unique "voice" (or should that be voices?). Diggle also injects a little more humour into the Thunderbolts themselves (Ant-Man aside, the team have hardly been a bundle of laughs so far) and as always delivers some great action set pieces.

A solid issue and an impressive "debut" of sorts for Bong Dazo (his Deadpool is also good, in case you were wondering) but the change in tone, whilst suiting Deadpool, jars when put in the greater context of the issues that have come before. 

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