Minicomic: Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever

A comic review article by: Danny Djeljosevic

Have you heard the good news? Artistic expression about people fucking who normally don't isn't just for doujinshi or slashfic anymore, thanks to the art collective Igloo Tornado, who in 2010 put out Henry & Glenn Forever, a minicomic made for a laff about Glenn Danzig and Henry Rollins living together in a domestic partnership. Danzig famously got all butt-hurt about it: 

But Henry Rollins was relatively cool with it, as Rollins should be (slightly more) expected to:

And because punker and metalheads haven't raged about anything lately, Igloo Tornado's Tom Neely has returned for a second look at the incongruous love with Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever. Aided by underground comickers Benjamin Marra and Ed Luce, Forever & Ever consists of three stories revolving around the domestic misadventures of alt-comix's favorite rock 'n' roll power couple -- each with a different feel and topped off with a mini-art gallery from Scot Nobles, COOP, Eric Yahnker and Keenan Marshall Keller.

In "Buried Secrets," Tom Neely has Glenn buying groceries and having song ideas that revolve around Taco Tuesday while Henry finally deals with the languishing pile of bricks in their front yard. Neely's take is decidedly sitcom-like, aided by a friendly cartoon style that heightens the incongruity of gags like Danzig at a day spa with James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich. Do about five minutes of googling and you'll see that Neely's an incredibly versatile artist, which makes his work on this story seem all the more effortlessly fluid.

In Benjamin Marra's "Avenger Adventure," the ghost of Rikki Rockett interrupts a camping trip to send Henry and Glenn on a violent mission to take down a Satanic cult located in a nearby castle. It's probably the most gonzo, Adult Swim-like piece of the three -- this is Benjamin Marra we're talking about -- whose rigid but energetic style brings to mind a bloodthirsty high schooler's comic attempt at a Chick Tract (in the good way), but rendered by someone with actual storytelling chops. Also, it has stabbing and blood drinking and Henry Rollins wielding an M-16.

Ed Luce provides the most realistic take (art-wise, at least) on the couple in "Henry & Glenn For Five More Minutes," which has their relationship on the rocks as they take part in couples therapy. There are some amazing gags in this story as the two talk about some of the oddball parts of their careers and consider seeing other people -- the one with Henry Rollins knitting with Ian MacKaye being particularly righteous -- all leading to an imagined threesome with Steven Patrick Morrissey. A++++++++++++

While ultimately a great big entertaining goof -- which makes any negative reaction from people who take such things seriously even more hilarious -- there's certainly value in seeing straight-faced rock stars depicted as tender lovers while Hall & Oates are hardcore Satanists -- besides the obvious joke. It's a parody, but it's also the act of overturning our perception of musicians and the self-serious way musicians wish to be perceived. When you take yourself that seriously, you deserve to be drawn cuddling with Morrissey, who you know would hog the bed.



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