Nightwing #2

A comic review article by: Paden Wyatt

"Dick Grayson Continues to Battle His Resilient Assassin" could be the title of Nightwing #2. That, or "Pun City," because I'm pretty sure Saiko, the assassin's name, was only named that for the play on words involving his assumed mental illness could exist. Nightwing #2 does start out the in as my snappy title implies, but this time Nightwing doesn't just let two people bite it when Saiko attacks, while he worries about his mask.

A common theme in the issues of the New 52 is the human aspect of our favorite heroes, and Dick Grayson is no different. It's interesting that Kyle Higgins decides to have Grayson change into a dry costume and eat a power bar, something that most top-tier heroes wouldn't be caught doing on-panel. Adding this everyday aspect reminds the reader that Dick Grayson is human and humans gotta eat. It also points out the fact that even a hero needs a break. It also illustrates how much gall or insanity it takes to get back out there after dealing with explosions and criminals all day.

Like some of the other books in the New 52, the new Nightwing contains point of contention: this issue features some sexy time. In Nightwing #2, Higgins handles the hanky-panky more tastefully than other books like Red Hood and the Outlaws and Catwoman have. The way the sexy panels are shown show more tact and less gratuity than other entries in the New 52. So please don't get your spandex in a twist when ol' Nightwing puts on his The team on Nightwing has got this reviewer's approval.

The art in issue #2 is some of best the New 52, save for a few panels of a weirdly blockheaded Grayson. The panel layouts are fun to look at; they're not generic and conforming. Specifically, the fight scenes really stand out, and not just because this issue is particularly pulpy. The layout of the panels and the artwork inside lend themselves to fluidity and creating motion. The style and shape of the panels also seem to correlate with the background. When Grayson and Raya are on the plane together, the shapes of the panels look like the airplane windows on the page before it. This subtle unity ties the artwork and the location of the story together embedding the reader further into this issue.

This new Nightwing is good. He's done with being Batman which is clearly illustrated when he is given a piece from his past (wink). Mr. Haly, a cryptic old bastard, and tries to give Grayson the circus, telling him it's his destiny to run it. Haly tells Grayson that the circus is more than meets the eye, but we'll see what happens in the next issue. Hopefully, less pulp, more story development and far more puns.

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