Review: Spirit of the Law #1

A comic review article by: Jason Sacks


The spirit of law rises from her grave on Halloween. What's appropriate than that? But that's what happens when Brandon Seifert and Michael Montenat's new Monkeybrain project becomes available.

This first twelve-page sliver of an origin for the spirit of law is as long on mood as it is short on length. Michael Montenat's wonderfully atmospheric art is reminiscent a bit of Michael Gaydos's work in its grit, intensity and realism. The art on this story seems saturated with a darkness that reflects the bleakness in the souls of all the characters depicted in this story. This is a nasty, brutish, intense crime story about crimes committed and vengeance achieved, told smartly and effectively by Seifert and Montenat.



Seifert and Montenat worked together on Hellraiser, and made an effective team there. That book was perfect for their Hellishly black vision of evil, but for me they're even more effective here in this noir, extremely violent heroine origin story. The creators use smart storytelling and silent panels to enhance the drama in the story, while the backgrounds feel just real enough to add some verisimilitude to the story.

I was completely caught up in this first 12-page chapter of Spirit of the Law. My only complaint is that I want to read more of this story. Get to work, boys.


For more about Spirit of the Law, check out Monkeybrain Comics and buy it on Comixology.




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