Review: D. Gray Man 3-in-1 vol. 1 is great for people who love battle manga and emotional stories

A comic review article by: Leah Sacks

I really like D. Gray-man because of the main character and his relationship with other people. I really like the main character, Allen Walker, because he's an underdog. You wouldn't think that Allen would be strong because he is a scrawny 14-year-old boy. You would never think if you saw him on the street that he is super strong. I like how he only sees black and white for right or wrong. I think that as the story goes on, he will start to see a little gray area after learning more about the enemy. I look forward to that.

D. Gray-man

Another thing I like about the story is the enemy, Akuma. I like how they used to be people and are now hidden in human form. I kind of like how Akuma are made when the Millennium Earl (creator of all Akuma) tricks grieving loved ones to sacrifice themselves so their dead loved ones turn themselves into monsters and steal their skins. I have no idea what the Millennium Earl is trying to accomplish by creating Akuma, but I know he has a reason - besides world domination.

D. Gray-man

I also really like Allen's relationships with his comrades, Kanda and Lenalee. Allen and Kanda don't really get along, so it's funny when they fight. I know when it really counts, they care for each other. I really like Allen's relationship with Lenalee. Their personalities are pretty similar so they don't clash and they get along really well. 

D. Gray-man

I recommend this story to 10 to 18 year olds who have read manga before and like battle manga and they are also OK with some emotional parts of the story. 

Leah Sacks loves manga, anime, j-pop and k-pop. She's in the 8th grade.

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