140 Character Reviews 12/4/2013: Alpha Week

A comic review article by: The Comics Bulletin Tweeps

Welcome to the first week of Comics Bulletin's newest feature, 140 Character Reviews. As you can see, we asked some of our Twitter friends to allow us to share their 140 char reviews of this week's new comics, and they shared some fantastic commentary with us. Wanna join us? We'd love to have you. Please see the notes at the bottom of this column for the rules. What do you think of this column? Have a suggestion to make this better? Disagree with any of our reviewers? Please share your notes in the comments - or tweet us @comicsbulletin.

Action Comics #26 (DC Comics)

Amazing X-Men #2 (Marvel Comics)

Avengers Annual #1 (Marvel Comics)

Batman Superman #6 (DC Comics)

Burn The Orphanage Born To Lose #2 (Image Comics)

Cataclysm The Ultimates' Last Stand #2 (Marvel Comics)

Catalyst Comix #6 (Dark Horse Comics)

Daredevil Dark Nights #7 (Marvel Comics)

Earth 2 #18 (DC Comics)

Fearless Defenders #12 (Marvel Comics)

The Fox #2 (Archie Comics)

God Is Dead #4 (Avatar Press)

Grindhouse Doors Open At Midnight #3 (Dark Horse Comics)

Guardians Of The Galaxy #9 (Marvel Comics)

Great Pacific #12 (Image Comics)

Green Arrow #26 (DC Comics)

Hellboy In Hell #5 (Dark Horse Comics)

Hinterkind #3 (DC Comics)

Hulk Annual #1 (Marvel Comics)

Inhumanity #1 (Marvel Comics)

Invincible Universe #8 (Image Comics)

Iron Man #19 (Marvel Comics)

Longshot Saves The Marvel Universe #3 (Marvel Comics)

Marvel Knights Spider-Man #3 (Marvel Comics)

Marvel Knights X-Men #2 (Marvel Comics)

Mocking Dead #4 (Dynamite)

Prophet #41 (Image Comics)

Reality Check #4 (Image Comics)

Rover Red Charlie #1 (Avatar Press)

Secret Avengers #12 (Marvel Comics)

Six-Gun Gorilla #6 (BOOM! Studios)

The Star Wars #4 (Dark Horse Comics)

Suicide Risk #8 (BOOM! Studios)

Superior Spider-Man #23 (Marvel Comics)

Think Tank #11 (Image Comics)

Trillium #5 (DC Comics/Vertigo

Triple Helix #3 (IDW)

Velvet #2 (Dark Horse Comics)

Young Avengers #13 (Marvel Comics)

Please join our 140 character crew! Just tweet us @ComicsBulletin to take part in this. (We won't post you without your say-so—that would be bad netiquette!) We'll add you to our follow list so don't worry about tweeting to us, adding hashtags or anything else. We'll run the comments uncensored - say whatever you like - and with any art or anything else you include. If you'd like to include a bio, link or whatever, let us know. We hope you'll join us!

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