Scooby-Doo #34

Posted: Sunday, March 12
By: Ray
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Writers: Dan Abnett/Joe Edkin
Artists: Joe Staton/Chris Jordan(p), Dave Hunt/Dan Davis(i), Paul Becton(c)

In Scooby-Doo, Dan Abnett parades the Mystery Machine through a spooky castle, but you won't howl at the mystery which features some nice twists on the traditional characters of Baskerville Hall and a plausible motive for the culprit.

Though Joe Staton and Dave Hunt with Paul Becton have always effortlessly translated what was on the cel to the panel, this issue particularly offers the reader excellent perspective shots and differing camera angles. The art team also electrify the characterization on page five with what the esteemed faculty at Acme University calls a Wild-Take straight from the show. Elsewhere, the subtlety of expression suits Mr. Abnett's sparkling characterization. On page eight, check out Daphne's look of concentration as she pieces together a puzzle or the hilarious disgust on Scoob's face when he and we find a food he will not touch.

I don't think Chris Jordan is even trying to copy, in the second puzzler, that which flitted through the airwaves, but that's quite all right. His "ultra-hip" artwork--something you may find in the cartoons of non-gritty small press books--brings the essence of the gang to Las Vegas.

Writer Joe Edkin plugs in some imaginative lyrics to the Elvis tunes that accompany the exploration into the disappearance of Alvin Parsely--ouch, but perhaps most ingenious is how he fools you with a literal red-herring. I don't know I might have been sleepy : ). He may not trick you, but you'll still enjoy the ride.

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