Power Corps #2

Posted: Wednesday, May 2
By: Paul Dale Roberts
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Creators: Lloyd Smith, Jamie Laurie, David Vance
Publisher: Blue Moon Comics

Here's a message from Patricia Mary Roberts aka Jazma Girl: "I used to love my Archie comics when I was a little girl and really never got too much into the superhero genre, but I must admit Blue Moon Comics is a funfest that is full of exciting thrills!" Now back to Paul.

Lloyd 'Commissioner' Smith, Power Corps #2 was just as adventurous as the first issue. As our heroes battle for their lives against a monster known as the legendary Din-Tan-Doom who is as gigantic as Godzilla [albeit maybe a little derivative of Marvel's Fin-Fang-Foom monster]! The alien race known as the K'remll is a major threat to the Power Corps and I couldn't wait to get through this issue to see what extradimensional demon they were trying to place upon our plane of existence!

As for the monster that our heroes were fighting, it's amazing on how this creature was able to alter its density and a log thrown through its heart passes right through and the creature is unscathed [think the Vision in monster form and you get the idea]. What madness is this? Godzilla himself pales in comparison to this beast! Not to give too much away, this exciting comic is jam packed filled with one catastrophic blow after another and if that wasn't enough we have in the very next issue: Xenos v. the Dark One; The Power Corps v. the K'remll, Sgt Freedom v. The Hornet! Like Stan Lee would say...'nuff said!

Now in this power action comic we also have The Black Rose - The Secret of the Topaz Tiara! The Black Rose is a cross between Sci Fi Channel's Black Scorpion and Marvel's Black Widow. Loved her outfit and I love those fishnet stockings! In this murder mystery our heroine gets framed, but this lady of action who rides a motorcycle like a Hell's Angel pro knows how to get through these times of trouble. When she takes on the mob, she does it with style and class! This truly had a climatic ending!

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