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  1. 4.5The Adventures of Tintin: Season 2 Image

    The Adventures of Tintin: Season 2

    Being American, I have very little nostalgia for Tintin.I never read the books growing up, never watched the cartoon series.Over the years I have picked a few books up and learned to love Belgian artist Herge’s most famous creation, but I am watching these episodes of The Adventures of Tintin for the first time.

    TV Review Article Reviewed by Zack Davisson April 6, 2012
  2. 3Key of Z Image

    Key of Z

    "If God has a hit list, New York is at the top in bold letters..."

    Comic Review Article Reviewed by Jamil Scalese April 4, 2012
  3. 4.5X-Men: Season One Image

    X-Men: Season One

    "Do you have any idea what I'd give to be doing calculus right now?!"

    Comic Review Article Reviewed by Sara McDonald April 4, 2012
  4. 3.5ADVANCE REVIEW: Man of God #1 Image

    ADVANCE REVIEW: Man of God #1

    "Take solace in the fact that you died before the whole world went to hell. Or, should I say, before hell came to the world."

    Comic Review Article Reviewed by Jason Sacks April 3, 2012