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There’s a rumor going around that David Mack will be writing New X-Men instead of taking on the previously announced Ultimate X-Men assignment. Why? Apparently the rumor I ran a month ago about X2 Director Bryan Singer writing an X-Men project is happening. Singer and a couple of his screenwriter buddies — Dan Harris and Mike Dougherty — have signed up to pen a year?s worth of Ultimate X-Men yarns, according to Variety.

Some of you may think this Mack on New rumor is steaming pile of midget shit, but I have to tell you I think it?s a real possibility. I recently interviewed Mack about his creator-owned series, Kabuki and about his then upcoming run on Ultimate X-Men. A couple days later, after learning that Brian Vaughan (Runaways) will be writing an arc for the title, I emailed David two or three times to try and verify his start date on the Ultimate X book. He never replied to my inquiries. Now David is a nice guy, so I originally assumed the lack of response was due to a heavy workload. I didn?t think anything of it until this new rumor surfaced..

So, the other day I tried contacting David again, this time I left a post on his message board about the New X-Men rumor. Mack responded yesterday saying he wasn?t allowed to comment. However, he did add, ?it?s all good news?.

This Has A ?Locked and Loaded? Factor of Five Out of Ten

Roll the Film

Speaking of Bryan Singer?s Ultimate X-Men I hear from multiple sources that the director will moving the book closer to the movie continuity. Not sure what the hell this means exactly, but that?s what I hear. It does make perfect sense, especially if Singer?s story leads into the third film. But if there?s one thing I know for sure it?s that Marvel doesn?t always make sense.

Here?s a question. Why doesn?t anyone ever pitch a limited television series that leads into a big screen movie? After watching the cheese hole known as Daredevil for the second time (I had to see if it was really as bad as I thought it was the first time..) I thought it would have been cool to see a six-hour mini-series based on Frank Miller?s Man Without Fear then a film with the same actors. A television show about Matt Murdock and Elektra in college would not be terribly expensive to make and it would appeal to a much larger audience. You could actually develop the characters and hype the feature film, which would have a larger budget and would feature Matt?s first year as DD.

Seems plausible to me to produce a series and a movie simultaneously, but I don?t know that it?s ever been tried. And there seems like there?s a lot of interest in this given all the talk about Smallville leading into a feature film with Tom Welling as Superman. Why not make that the goal from the very beginning?

This Has A ?Say ?Justice? One More God Damn Time, Affleck? Factor of Three Out of Ten

Gun Shy

Red and Batman: Tenses artist Cully Hamner recently told Millarworld message boarders that he walked away from a gig on the Marvel max series The Punisher. Originally slated to illustrate a 6-issue arc (#7-12), Cully resigned at the end of 2003 after drawing most of his first issue. ?The gist of it is that after pencilling and inking close to an issue, the editor and I agreed that it just wasn’t working out for either of us,? said Hamner. ?Pretty common in this biz, frankly, and no hard feelings on either side that I know of. It was a really cool story, though. I hope they get someone good to draw it!?

Fortunately, Cully said he scored a new job just days later. ?It’s a very, very cool project, but I have been asked to keep my mouth shut, pending an announcement. So, it’ll be at least a couple of months before I can say a word about it.?

This Has A ?Castle Waiting? Factor of Eight Out of Ten

Ocean View

Incredible as it seems, someone updated Grant Morrison?s website this week and lo and behold there?s some good news up. Morrison?s new three-issue series Seaguy will begin this May. The mini will be illustrated by former Catwoman artist Cameron Stewart.

Cameron has given some additional information on Seaguy at Millarworld. He wrote, ?As of yesterday, I’m precisely halfway through drawing the first (hopefully of several) Seaguy miniseries. As you can hopefully understand I don’t really feel comfortable jumping the gun and giving away too much about it before it’s out, but once the official word is given by DC I can probably answer some of your questions, so sit tight.

?I can say that Seaguy isn’t really a parody or analogue of Aquaman. The only thing they have in common is that they’re both nautical-themed superheroes.?

I emailed Grant Morrison for more on Seaguy. Haven?t heard back though.

This Has An ?Ethan Likes Whales? Factor of Nine Out of Ten

Byrd Droppings

I?m told that former Guy Gardner artist Mitch Byrd has a new project coming out from ATP Comics called Necro-City Chronicles. Written by Scott Parker Necro-City Chronicles is described as Nocturnals meets Preacher meets Sin City.

ATP plans to release Necro-City Chronicles in an anthology series called ATP Presents. I hear that this book will also feature a big licensed property and that ATP is working to secure the rights to various other licensed characters. My source says, ?fans are going to shit if everything works out right for the rest of the ATP guys.?

I asked the guys at ATP about this and they said they can?t talk about it yet. Gag order. Lot of that going around it seems. But, I was determined to get some more information about these ATP projects, so I asked Scott Parker to talk about his Necro-City Chronicles series. He tells me:

      The book takes place in a world where there is very little separation between church and state. The church has outlawed magic, and it employs enforcers to regulate its rules. What little government remains is limited to city and local governments. Simple crimes are usually dealt with by police. More complex (supernatural) issues are dealt with by the Church. Most of the average citizens have no idea of the supernatural because the Church tries to keep it concealed.

One of the main characters works as an enforcer for the Church. He has been trained to deal with magical and supernatural concerns. As the story progress, he will learn the Church’s try intentions.

The other main character is a detective. He provides the average person’s perspective. Like many of the lower class, he hates the Church. He becomes aware of a class of underground magic users, the undead, and all sorts of crazy shit that he’s not equipped to deal with.

The supporting cast is a very important part of what makes Necro-City.

A beautiful girl/former servant of the Church.

The Goblin King (Goblins are – considered second class citizens). He’s a ganglord who uses his power to better the Goblin freedom movement)

The Drake – Ganglord, mystery man, maybe the biggest threat in town.

A police informant who resembles a certain “boomstick” wielding antagonist.

Along with this summary, Scott also provided some Mitch Byrd artwork. Check this out:

You can also get a six-page preview of Necro-City Chronicles at Fantasy Illustrator Brian LeBlanc (White Wolf Games, Everquest RPG) did the artwork for that story.

I?m very excited to see Byrd doing comics again. I wasn?t that familiar with his work, but thanks to Beau Smith I quickly got up to speed. The ?last real man in comics? sent me a copy of Mitch?s art book along with a bunch of Guy Gardner comics and I?m a big fan now.

This Has A ?Byrd is the Word? Factor of Nine Out of Ten

More Than Dicks

I hear that Garth Ennis (Punisher) is doing a new series for Avatar. And it will be in color. I don?t know who the artist will be, but if I had to bet I?d put my money on Jacen Burrows, the self-professed golden boy of Avatar, who recently mentioned that a secret project is in the works. He also revealed that there are half a dozen writers he can?t name who will be doing Avatar projects.

This Has A ?Burrowed In? Factor of Six Out of Ten

Vivid Color

One of the big projects soon to be published by Avatar is a book of stories featuring Vivid porn stars called Vivid Girls Vol. 1. Some of you may remember that I broke the news of a Avatar/Vivid deal last year. I also did an interview with Steven Grant, who will be writing a yarn called Dry Heat. Well, now I?ve acquired some smoking hot pages from Steven?s story, thanks to Avatar?s William Christensen. All the pages are done in watercolors by Marco Turini.


These are sexually graphic pages. If you are a minor or you?re an adult who?s offended by pornography or sexual art, do NOT click this link.

Vivid Girls Vol. 1

This Has A ?Bad Girl? Factor of Ten Out of Ten

Light Up the Bat Signal, Old Boy

There?s this weird rumor printed at that the new Batman: Intimidation film will reinvent Batman as a British character. Well, at least that?s how some people are interpreting it. Here?s the text:

      Batman Turning British?

Batman is becoming British after director Christopher Nolan has been given the go-ahead to reinvent the American character in new movie Batman: Intimidation. The Memento film-maker wants to freshen up the superhero, who has so far featured in four modern day features, and has decided to give Batman and his American playboy alter-ego Bruce Wayne a more ‘James Bond’ feel. Brit Christian Bale is playing the lead role with English veteran actor Sir Michael Caine and Irishman Cillian Murphy are also signed up, and now Nolan has added Bond veterans, costume designer Lindy Hemming and special- effects guru Chris Corbould to the crew. Warner Bros’s production head Jeff Robinov says, “Chris is reintroducing Batman and it feels smart cool and fresh. That’s no disrespect to the other movies, but it’s really Chris’ vision of Batman and that’s what we’re supporting.”

In my opinion, this should not create a panic among diehard fans. I think the story can also be interpreted to mean that Nolan is just bringing in European actors to give the film a different flavor, not necessarily that Bats will be sipping tea with his pinky. But hell, decide for yourself.

Oh, for the record, I like Brits a lot, despite my blatant stereotyping. I also like their beer.

This Has A ?Pass the Bat Crumpets, Alfred? Factor of Four Out of Ten

Snoogin Slow

Earlier this week, over on Kevin Smith made an announcement about his incomplete comic book projects. ?I am finally… FINALLY… finishing both Spider-Man and the Black Cat and Daredevil: Target for Marvel. Big apologies on the delays, but I’ll try to make it worth it.?

Hey guess what, Kev? Apology not accepted. I?ve really enjoyed your comics. Green Arrow should have actually used his bow, but I still enjoyed them. What bothers me is that you committed to a job and failed to follow through in a reasonable amount of time. Not only did you cause ridiculous delays, you made up lame excuses about having no time to write because of your Jersey Girl film. Um, you had enough extra time to suck up to Jay Leno, film commentary for DVDs and make 2000 stops at the local White Castle, but you couldn?t write 22 pages of frickin? script for Spidey/Black Cat? For fuck?s sake, drop the sack of chicken rings and open up a word document, Silent Bob.

This Has A ?Write Fat Ass, Write!? Factor of Nine Out of Ten


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