My favorite month of the year is coming up. The month of December is filled with football, snow, my birthday and Christmas. It’s a great month for the kids and the kid in you.

I figured this’d be a good week to remind and inform you of some great manly items that are out there or gonna be out there. You may wanna put it on your Christmas list or you might wanna get for someone on your list. Either way here’s some good stuff that you need to know about.

The EC Archives

Those fine folks at Gemstone Publishing have done what’s needed to be done. They have come out with The EC Archives. These are large 8 1/2 by 11 1/2 hardcover books that collect some of the most history making comic books in all of comics.

The first book is The EC Archives-Weird Science Volume One. It’s got 212 pages of flying saucers, aliens, rocket ships and strange worlds in outer space. This collects the first 6 issues of Weird Science, some of the most hard to find issues for any collector. This monster-sized book is done by the true icons of comic book creativity. Folks such as Bill Gaines, Al Feldstein, Harvey Krtzman, Harry Harrison, Wally Wood, Jack Kamen, Gharham Ingels and Marie Severin. These stories are what put the fiction in science fiction. The foreword of this edition is written by George Lucas!

Gemstone has also released The EC Archives-Shock Suspense Stories Volume One. This collects the first 6 issues of the creepiest horror and suspense comics ever. The creators on this book are the same as Weird Science as well as Joe Orlando and Jack Davis. The stories are complete and have new and improved color. The foreword to this edition is written by Steven Spielberg.

Both volumes have a suggested retail price of $49.95 each. They are worth every cent. These stories not only pushed the envelope they ripped it open and let all kinds of weirdness out.

Walt Disney Comics

If you’re looking for something that will appeal to all ages then look no further than any of the many Walt Disney Comics that Gemstone Publishing also puts out. All your favorites are there, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge and many more of your favorite Disney characters. These favorites come in the form of standard comics, digests, square bound collections and trade paperbacks. It’s the best of classic Disney comics as well as some of their more modern adventures. When you’re looking for something for children of all ages then this is it.

Zombie Proof

Other than whuppin’ on Nazis and vampires there nothing more manly than slapping zombies back in the dirt. Noted writer of IDW Publishing’s 24, Jeff Vaughn has joined forces with artist Vincent Spencer to give you the most blue collar zombie fighter the world has ever seen? Billy Bob Driwahl.

Billy Bob is the man when it comes to being a master locksmith and expert at zombie-proofing. If you’ve got a zombie trying to chew on your leg then Billy Bob is guy to make sure they die for good. Zombie Proof is manly and filled with all sorts of zombie defying action. Billy Bob gives the phrase “Tool Time” a brand new meaning. He does more with a hammer and a staple gun than Bob Vila ever dreamed of.

I’ve read the first issue and it’s a TV series begging to happen. It’s paced with character depth and the right amount of action and suspense. It leaves you wondering if your house has enough insulation against a zombie attack.

Vincent Spencer has a very cool art style that reminds you of the best in animation and mood. He works well with Vaughn’s tight script and lean dialogue. The best part about Zombie Proof is that it takes the well worn use of zombies to a place they have never been. As a reader you get to benefit from this new twist on hardware and the undead.

I’ve gotta also say that Billy Bob Driwhal is a handsome, rugged hero. My wife mentioned that he bears a very close resemblance to ME? fifteen years ago. Trust me, that’s a very good thing.

For more info on Zombie Proof email Jeff Vaughn at

A Rude Reawakening With The Bloody Red Baron

Steve Rude announced the formation of Rude Dude Productions, LLC. Rude Dude will publish Nexus and The Moth. The ground-breaking, award-winning Nexus first appeared on Capital Comics in 1981. The story of a cosmic avenger driven by dreams of mass murder captured the imagination of the comic-reading public throughout the eighties. Dark Horse recently released hard-bound volumes of the first twenty-four issues in their prestigious “Archives” editions. Mike Baron will script, Steve Rude will draw and Gary Martin will ink.

The Moth, a more-traditional super hero comic, was created by Rude and is written and inked by Gary Martin. The Moth follows the adventures of circus strong man Jack Mahoney and has been compared to the early work of Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby.

Baron described the new Nexus as “the most intense thing I have ever written” and promises far-ranging repercussions for Horatio Hellpop and his world. Nexus has garnered numerous industry awards including three Eisners.

I was lucky enough to discover Nexus when it first came out over 20 years ago. I had never read anything like it in comic before. Like Miracleman and The Watchmen those stories still stand up today and are truly timeless. Now with the original team of Baron and Rude back in action I’m pretty thrilled that a whole new generation can discover what truly innovative comics are all about. Nexus is smartly written by Baron and Rude’s art shows he’s a master craftsmanship at his best.

I’ve never understood why Mike Baron’s work on Nexus hasn’t been mentioned in the same breath as Neil Gaiman and Alan Moore. Nexus is stunning stuff for those that read comics with real meat between the covers.

Steve Rude’s The Moth is proof that you can travel back in time and at the same moment see the future. The Moth takes the foundation that men like Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko and Wally Wood built and structures a new house that everyone will wanna live in. Like Baron, Rude has always been a step ahead of everyone else without forgetting and respecting those that came before.

For more information please check out

Check Out This Rack

The internet is a big place. A very big place. Unlike a bar with only one good-looking waitress there’s room here for everyone. I’m one of those guys that loves to read comic book reviews. With comics not being cheap I like to spend the money I have left over from beer on comics. So I look for any tips that I can get.

Sean Fahey has put up a new place for his “almost as manly as me” reviews at Sean is one of those guys that’s an insider on the world of entertainment and always has something different to say about the comic books that he reads. So when you get through reading the reviews here at SBC jump over to Sean’s site and grab some more useful information what comic books are out there.

Tell him Beau sent ya.

Mid-Ohio Con? It’s A Party!

As you must know, this coming weekend (Nov. 25 & 26) is Mid-Ohio Con. One of the best comic book conventions ever. Roger Price runs a great show and this year promises to be even better.

I’ll be there for Sat. the 25th signing most anything you put in front of me. I’ll also be giving away FREE SIGNED ART PRINTS from some of my various comic books like this one from Parts Unknown. You need to come see how much I’ve aged and what new lies I have to tell. But before you come to see me you might wanna check out THE party of the year. This is a pre-show party put on by Ferret Press. It’s gonna be on Friday night (Nov. 24) and it promises to be a very good time for all.

The free event will take place on Friday, November 24th, from 8 PM till midnight. The venue will be the oh-so-cool “Underground” at Barley’s Brewing Company, 467 North High Street, Columbus, Ohio (directly across from the convention center.) Comic book fans and pros alike are invited to come mingle, meet and greet, see and be seen, talk
comics, and just have a good time.

Admission to the “Unmasked” party is absolutely free, but a donation box will be setup for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund in hopes that attendees will contribute a small amount. In addition, the event will feature free appetizers, live music, free comic books, and other surprises. Barley’s will provide a cash bar, which will include a fine selection of their micro-brewed beers. “By the way, the Underground at Barley’s can accommodate around 150 people, but I’d still recommended that you drop by early because if past years are any indication, we just may have to turn people away if the place reaches maximum capacity.

Columbus-based Ferret Press was founded in 2002 and is a publisher of fine small press comic books. It embraces the spirit of independent comics and self-publishing, and enjoys a close relationship with the writers and artists collaborative known as PANEL. For more information on “Unmasked,” as well as directions to Barley’s, please

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Red, White and Blue States

With Thanksgiving this week and Christmas right around the corner I’d really like all of you out there to please take the time to think about and support all the men and women that make up our troops in Iraq and every where else around the world. I figure we can’t be reminded enough of how we should support all those brave folks that make the United States a safer place to live and protect your rightto believe in what you choose to believe in. Please remember that those men and women in the service are the sons, daughters and family of folks that care very much for them just as you care for yours. This Thanksgiving please remember the troops and their loved ones.

Cobb: Off The Leash Collection-Get Beaten To A Pulp

It used to be that true manly fiction came to you in the form of a pulp magazine. There were always two-fisted tales of manly action and adventure within the pulp pages of a magazine with a cover that smelled of testosterone.

In February 2007 IDW Publishing will release the entire Cobb: Off The Leash story in one big oversized comic book magazine. It’s 72 pages of black and white adrenaline that makes you feel like Sam Peckinpah is directing 24 meets James Bond. The magazine is 8 1/2 by 11 inches of mayhem and broken bones. Cobb has been THE critically acclaimed mini-series of 2006. This is your chance to get the whole story of Cobb: Off The Leash. The individual issues are nearly impossible to find now in stores and even on Ebay. Come February you can have it all between two covers.

IDW Publishing is known for being the innovators in quality comic book formats. Special care has gone into making this oversized magazine format suit the rough edge action of Cobb: Off The Leash. When you feel the heft of this manly package you won’t know if you should read it first or use it as a blunt instrument in your own war against crime.

All three issues of Cobb: Off The Leash are included in this powerful presentation as well as other fistacular features by series creator / writer Beau Smith and artist Eduado Barreto.

Find out why Cobb is truly the toughest character in comics as he goes up against the Russian Mafia, Al Qeda Terrorists and a very twisted female assassin known as “The Red Mist”. It’s 48 hours of full-throttle knee capping, jaw breaking, grenade tossing, head busting action with more twists and turns than Rhona Mitra in a tight dress.

Tell your local comic shop retailer, online service or retail outlet that you want Cobb: Off The Leash Magazine. More info is in Diamond Previews and on the IDW Publishing website: The more hands this gets into the sooner you’ll see Cobb on the movie screen or on your own TV. You know you want it. Keep checking here for more on the only purchase you’ll need to make in 2007.

Busted Knuckles Babe Of The Week

Monica Bellucci
– actress

If you ever pondered what Wonder Woman would look like if she were real then look no further than Monica Bellucci. This beauty from Italy is almost physical perfection. Her every move is eye popping and her every word is enough to beat the ear drums of any man.

She not only looks good , but she can also act. From the action movie Tears Of The Sun to upcoming action movie Shoot Em’ Up, she is not one to miss for any reason.

Busted Knuckles Manly Cover Of The Week

The Sub-Mariner #36
Atlas Comics 1954

I keep telling all of you that there was once a time when Namor-The Sub-Mariner was truly a real man. There was once a time when he was a womanizing, dapper dressing, Nazi / Jap / Commie ass kicking hero of land, sea and air. In the 1950s The Sub-Mariner was busting heads everywhere. No bad guy was safe from his fists during these wonderful times. As you can see here on the cover of Sub-Mariner #36, Subby did not suffer commie fools lightly as he tosses barrels of TNT on the roughneck Russians.

Inside the issue you’ll find the stunning art of Bill Everett. It’s hard to believe that they only charged you a dime to look at his art. Bill Everett is never mentioned as much as he should be. His work is amazing and so much can be learned from it.

If you want to see what puny human attempt Chuck Dixon has made for a Manly Cover then go over to his message board at His powers are futile against my domination.

The Roundup

Thanks for stopping by for another episode of Busted Knuckles. I always appreciate you giving up a little of your time to read my words. I also appreciate all your emails and comments that you send in. I try and answer all of em’ and really do enjoy hearing from you.

I hope to see you this weekend at Mid-Ohio Con. Stop by and we’ll trade words of iron and make fun of other people.


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