I’m not much of one that gets off on the rumor / gossip stuff that seems to be pretty popular among the internet comic book readers. I think it comes from being in the business long enough to where I know a cow chip from a information chip.

I could be wrong (doubt it) but I think that you’ll find that once you’re in the business of comic books for a while the allure of gossip loses it’s excitement. Probably for a good reason. It may look like chocolate but once it’s in your mouth it tastes like shit.

How’s that? Two mentions of crap in the first two paragraphs. I am such a sick man.

Anyway, recently there has been a bit of what started out as gossip, turn to what looks to be a happening fact. Through a series of phone calls and emails that had piled up on me during the month I was away from the ranch, a good dose of them were concerning the formation of a tribe, a floating studio, a possible new comic book muscle that is being developed or maybe just a new three ring circus of chaos. Depends on where you’re at when the bullets start to fly.

It seems that a group is being formed of comic book creators, young, old and in-between, that are planning to join as a group. A group that also includes former marketing, sales and publishing people that have also pulled in some folks already set up in entertainment as well as overseas publishing. There was a faint hint of distribution mentioned that didn’t have an American accent.

From what I’ve been told they are not planning to be what you and I would call the standard comic book publisher/entertainment company. This is something new where old ways of doing business are being mutated and arranged to fit a new mold.

I was impressed with some of the comic book writers and artists that were mentioned and the ones that called me. If I were to mention their names you would know them immediately. But, because they asked me not to I won’t. I was also surprised by a few of the outside entertainment names that were included. The thing that impressed me the most were the wild card names that were thrown in from a business background. I did a little checking on my own and found that most of these people/companies/studios are really involved with this possible movement.

If this “movement” continues then it could be really big. There is also the possibility that it could all end up being passed gas as time goes on. Being with Image Comics during the early to late years I have seen what it’s like to try and run a business with a non-group of creative people. The Image thing was on a much smaller scale than this is planning on being.

I’ve seen this kinda thing talked about before. I’ve listened as others have dreamed out loud about such a thing, but this is the first time there have been people involved that I know and respect. People that don’t day dream and never throw money, talent and time down without doing their research.

I asked these people if I could mention this in my Busted Knuckles column. They said that would be fine as long as I gave my word not to mention any names. My word is my manly bond, so a said yes.

So you might hear more about this or maybe you won’t. With the amount of people already involved I can’t see where it will stay under the covers long. I think people on the business end of comics will hear of some of the details before anyone else. Of course, with comic book writers and artists being talked to we all know that they can’t keep quiet, so I’m sure you’ll hear something rumble through those wires soon enough.

In the next few months we’ll see if the reality of this ever meets the road. With the major part of the convention season over parts of this puzzle will start being put together. We’ll see if the meetings from San Diego and Wizard World Chicago transform into more.

If this thing happens you can always say you heard it here first. If it doesn’t?then let’s just say we were drunk and you really did forget your ear rings in my bed.

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