By Beau Smith


If you’ve never been in one then I envy ya. That’s somethin’ that you can be very proud of. I really mean that. Then again, I’m an adult and I’m supposed to say that. Ya never know when an impressionable youngster may be readin’ Busted Knuckles and take one of my testosterone-fueled rants to heart.

Most of us have been involved in some sorta fist fight durin’ our career in grade school. Even through the haze of old age I’m sure that if ya really think about it, it was no more than some pushin’, some shoving, a little name callin’ then some wrestlin’on the ground with maybe one punch getting’ through. At this point someone started cryin’ and it was over. Maybe a teacher or parent busted it up. Needless to say I’m sure it didn’t look like anything out of a Don “The Dragon” Wilson movie.

In Jr. High or Middle school I’m sure a few tussles came up for ya at some point. This is probably where size became more of a factor to who won the fight. It’s at this age that some kids get bigger than others in a hurry. The fight itself isn’t that much different from the one in grade school except maybe a haymaker or two get landed a little easier. Even at this age nobody has honed any real fightin’ skills yet. I can still remember Mildred Robert? all 5 feet 9 inches of her, beatin’ down Billy Edwards, all five feet of him, with a flurry of ham-fisted girly punches that no doubt still causes him to cringe today.

High school brings on a whole new level to fights. Coordination, strength and size are all catchin’ up with kids and the outcomes of a fight bring on the chance for a little more damage. Hormones and testosterone is really pumpin’ at this age and people feel that they need to see if they can win every pissin’ contest that’s thrown in front of em’. This is also a time when you know if you have a physical chance in a fight or not. The brain kicks in to the fight or flight situation more than it did in Grade school. You’re more apt to try and size up your options rather than just start swingin’ with the first loudmouth that hurls a stupid insult your way.

After high school you find yourself in the world of 18 and over. The adult world. This is where an act of violence can land you in the hospital, jail or even under a blanket of dirt with the worms as your full time sleepover pals. I’m sorry to say that the days of fistfights without weapons are over. In today’s modern world there’s much more of a chance for you to be lookin’ down the snout of a gun or have a knife, ball bat or other blunt to sharp object doin’ a stab and slap dance on ya.

My generation was the last one to be able to have manly brawls that end up with the winner buyin’ the beers. Sad but true.

Durin’ my time writin’ Busted Knuckles not a week goes by when I don’t get someone askin’ me what would be the best method or objective to take in a street fight. My answer is always the same.

Don’t get in one.

Times have changed. The fight odds are always gonna be against ya in this world where the rule book has been burned and the ashes snorted up somebody’s nose to see if it’ll get em’ high. It’s not just an urban big city thing. It’s rural. It’s on every block like a string of Wal-Marts. If you’re lucky enough to have both of your parents together chances are they’re both workin’ and you’re on your own a lot.

My generation may have grown up with the morals of Leave It To Beaver, but for some reason we’ve left it all to Beaver and now he doesn’t have any structure, rules or marked lines to steer his own kids through life. They’re given too much too soon and are more self-absorbed than six-inch sponge in a three-inch bowl of water.

Do unto others as you would have others do unto you has been twisted well beyond Do unto others first before they can do unto you. Today they don’t even know who the others are because they’re to into themselves.

Now I’m not sayin’ that the whole world has gone bad and ya can’t trust anyone. What I’m sayin’ is to think before ya pump your fist into someone’s hard head or soft belly. The moral mindset has been tainted and ya never know what you perceive as a simple man to man fight is gonna end up like some nightmare from a really bad episode of HBO’s OZ.

Of course from time to time I’ll pass on some of the manly fight stories from my eye jabbin’, beer bathin’ past. But please remember? the key word is PAST.

Defend yourself and your loved ones when ya have to and when there is no way to avoid it. Don’t ever back down from what you believe is right or if you have been seriously wronged. But don’t ever go lookin’ for trouble. In these modern times a visit with trouble carries a lot higher price.

I need all my Knuckleheads in one piece to buy me a beer and listen to my stories.

Your amigo,

Beau Smith
The Flying Fist Ranch
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Ceredo, WV. 25507

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