Name: Beau Smith
Height: 5′ 10″
Weight: 182 lbs.
Hair (what’s left): Brown.
Eyes: Menacing Brown.
Current Hideout: The Flying Fist Ranch. Ceredo, West Virginiat

My name is Beau Smith. Others have tagged me as ‘The Last Real Man In Comics’. That comes from a time when there was nothing but poodle skirt wearin’, crybaby , hobbit lovin’ liberals and former dope dealin’ hippies in comics. I was one of the few if not only men in comics that liked and participated in sports, enjoyed grade B-Action movies and had done time in jail.

I also did my time in Golden Gloves boxing as my father and his father did. I was in the first Tough man Contest in West Virginia in the late 1970s. My fists were sold for hire in college to girls that were gettin’ smacked around by abusive boyfriends. I never wanted to take their money, but they insisted. I rarely turn a damsel in distress down. The longest love affair I’ve ever had is with cold beer. It began when I was in the 6th grade and continues to this day. Don’t look all PC put out by that fact…things were different then. It was a time when Jonny Quest, a 14 year old boy , could blast bad guys with a machine gun and no one thought it was wrong.

I’ve been on the business side of comic books for 17 years. I’ve been writing comics for 18. I’ve been vice president of sales and marketing for Eclipse Comics, Image Comics, Todd McFarlane Productions and McFarlane Toys and am currently the same for IDW Publishing. I’ve written for almost every major or minor publisher in the business except Marvel Comics. They’ll come around sooner or later. I’ve written such books as Beau LaDuke-Real Man, Dogs Of Danger, The Black Terror, Parts Unknown, The Tenth, The Berzerkers, Legion Of Super-Heroes, Guy Gardner: Warrior, Primate, Shi / Wolverine, Barman / Wildcat, Catwoman / Wildcat, Wynonna Earp and many more that you should be surryin’ for right now.

I’m currently working on Wynonna Earp: Home On The Strange that comes out in 12/2003 from IDW Publishing. In 1/2004 I¹ve got Maximo from Dreamwave that comes out. I also wrote the Maximo II video game for Capcom. It comes out in 2004 as well. I’ve done my share of uncredited dialogue work for a few motion picture studios as well as written business columns for Sketch Magazine, Entertainment Retailer, Comic Buyer’s Guide, Westfield Words, and Hero magazine.

That’s about as much as you need to know right now. You become a regular reader of Busted Knuckles and you’ll learn more.

Until then, step outta my way…I smell a steak and lonely woman.

About The Author

Beau Smith

Beau Smith is a writer for Comics Bulletin