It’s been quite a day for The Walking Dead. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have found out that AMC have officially confirmed the main show will conclude after an extended 24-episode season 11. Yes, that means The Walking Dead is dead! However, with the end of the main show, we’ll get to see two more spinoffs coming in the form of a Daryl/Carol team-up and an anthology series focusing on multiple — dead or alive — characters. And then there’s Fear The Walking Dead and World Beyond. There is still a lot of life in the franchise.

Anyway, elsewhere within the world of The Walking Dead we’ve got some more news, and this time you’ll be glad to know it’s positive. In July at the Skybound Xpo, the publisher announced The Walking Dead Deluxe, an all-new reprint of the comics, with a twist. This time, Robert Kirkman’s black-and-white comic can be enjoyed for the first time in full color from renowned colorist Dave McCaig (Pagan DeathNorthlanders).

We already know the comics will have a few variant covers from acclaimed artists including Julian Totino Tedesco, Arthur Adams, and David Finch. However, the most exciting covers come from regular Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard, who drew up 6 stunning connecting art covers for the first six issues.  These covers showcase some iconic moments from the series with throwback characters and a lot of bloody zombies. They’re all in beautiful full color. I particularly love his cover for issue #1, showcasing Morgan and Duane.

As well as being in full color, this deluxe edition also has some exclusive material inside. We get a glimpse at Kirkman’s scripts as well as a commentary behind the story’s creative process.

The Walking Dead Deluxe #1 will arrive in comic stores on October 7th with each new issue arriving every other week.

Take a look at Adlard’s first six connecting covers for yourself:



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