I don’t guess I need to refresh your memory about the recent string of movie remakes that Hollywood has been doing. Most of em’ have died the quick financial death they so richly deserve. Most of them I have let pass without much of a stir. Reason being the movies they were remaking weren’t worth watching the first time and the remake earned even less of my thought process. I mean who really cares about BEWITCHED, CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN, and THE STEPFORD WIVES?

Not me.

But now they’ve gone and disturbed me. Recently the word has been getting around that Warner Brothers is gonna remake THE WILD BUNCH. The sound your hear now is not Sam Peckinpah spinning in his grave, nope. What you hear is him pushing dirt aside as he crawls out of his grave to kick Hollywood’s collective ass.

Hollywood is once again using their new favorite term, “re-imagined” to describe what they are gonna do with the remake of THE WILD BUNCH. Trust me, “re-imagined” is not a term you wanna hear from Hollywood or any other source of so-called creativity. What it really means is “We can’t think of a new original idea of our own and we see this as an easy way to make money off something in our stable.”

As most of you real men will remember, the original film, THE WILD BUNCH was about of aging outlaws that pulled a robbery along the border of Mexico just prior to World War I. It was the last of the old west and the beginning of the new technology age. It was the ultimate story of friendship, loyalty, trust and how to act like a man. That’s something that has been lost in films in the last few decades. THE WILD BUNCH showed that there is a strong manly code even with the worst of men.

This new “re-imagined” version will take place in Mexico as well. Thing is, this one is set in the present and deals with a mix of the CIA, drug cartels and a heist. David Ayer (Training Day, SWAT and The Fast And The Furious) will be directing it from his own script. Famous producer, Jerry Weintraub (The Avengers, The Karate Kid & The Specialist) will be producing.

Ayer was quoted in a recent issue of Variety as saying, “I’ve introduced a modern day setting, but there are very masculine themes and characters that are still very relevant.”

I’m sure the studios are gonna try and market this as an “addition” to the THE WILD BUNCH legacy or if they get really desperate, a tribute/homage to the original movie, but what it really breaks down to is Hollywood not having an original idea of their own, the studios looking to cash in on nostalgia and a property name that they already own.

It’s kinda like the comic book industry when you have so many fans-now-pro that want to put their own childhood spin on characters and stories that made the characters icons to begin with. It’s easier for writers to add to something that has already been created rather than to start with a blank screen and create on their own. Everybody is looking for a short cut.

I can just about lay odds that this new remake will be littered with Hollywood pretty boys and flavors of the month in the lead roles. In the original you had four tough, middle aged, not very pretty men that made the movie. Don’t expect that this time around. Hollywood feels it can’t sell middle aged and not pretty. They sure as hell don’t know tough.

You can also count on not hearing a true movie score in this new WILD BUNCH. I’m sure it’ll be a soundtrack to sell mix of hip-hop and retread Nickelback tunes that are just watered down from other rock bands. All done by the 100 studio paid focus groups have researched the youth audience by watching MTV for a few hours. Speaking of such, I’m sure you can expect to see the “rapper of the month” in one of the lead roles as well, not to mention that one of the Bunch will no doubt now be a woman. You can bet she’ll be very young and very pretty.

Hollywood either doesn’t know how to make a manly movie anymore or they just don’t want to “disturb” any PC group. Hollywood for the most part has lost their grasp on what a manly movie is. They seem to think that “Frat-Boy” macho is the way. I read an article the other day where some writer was talking about movies for real men. Some of them that he mentioned were TOP GUN, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE (The Remake), OCEANS ELEVEN (The Remake), THE RECRUIT and S.W.A.T.

You might have heard me scream from where ever you are. Those films are a prime example of “Frat-Boy” macho. TOP GUN is one of the least manly movies ever made. The only thing missing from it was show tunes.

The other movies mentioned there are perfect examples of what Hollywood thinks are the way real men are supposed to be in films. They do not have a clue. It’s all icing and no cake. There is no meat on their sandwich. The original WILD BUNCH had something to say. These other films are mute. It’s like trying to compare the manly attitudes of athletes of the 50’s and 60’s to today’s chest thumping showboats. They can beat on their chests all they want, but underneath there is no heart.

If you haven’t had a chance rent or buy THE WILD BUNCH, do so. Treat yourself to good movie making. Enjoy and learn from the multi-layered characters of this film. Listen to dialogue that says something. See what a manly movie really is.

The regular version of THE WILD BUNCH is out there where ever you buy or rent DVD’s.They have just released Sam Peckinpah’s Legendary Westerns Collection (The Wild Bunch / Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid / Ride the High Country / The Ballad of Cable Hogue) in a nice boxed set. Seek these out. You’ll be glad you did.

Do me this one last favor. After you watch THE WILD BUNCH, let me know what ya thought. I’m always interested in what you think unlike some others.

Busted Knuckles Manly Comic Book Cover Of The Week

G.I. Joe #12
Ziff-Davis, 1951

While we’re on the subject of being manly, it sure don’t get much more manly than this week’s Busted Knuckles Cover Of The Week.

There’s just something about whackin’ the melon of a sneaky Commie that warms the manly heart. This beautiful painted cover from G.I. Joe #12 is a perfect blueprint on how a real man can make a weapon out of anything. Here we have our corn fed fightin’ farm boy crackin’ the skull of the dirty Commie as he tries to sneak up on the American machine gunner. Notice the sheer glee on G.I. Joe’s face as he makes the Commie see stars.

This issue has a ton of great stories in it. Ones such as: G.I. Joe vs. The Gorilla Man (a great fistfight with a huge Asiatic Commie), Situation Normal, The Nursemaids (great art), Two Yardbirds (a funny tale with art by noted Archie Comics artist), The Patrol and Good Soldiers Always Win.

I highly recommend all of these 1950’s G.I. Joe comics to you. They are all packed with manly action and have such a anti-PC flair to em’. The stories and the art are excellent. These are a real joy.

Don’t forget to check out Chuck Dixon’s pitiful attempt to out man my manly cover. Click over to his website at http://www.dixonverse.net and see for yourself. Do this AFTER you finished Busted Knuckles, of course.

Busted Knuckles Babe Of The Week

Jami Miller

Don’t ya just love women that can look so sweet and wholesome on minute and then look like they could deal out knuckle sandwiches the next? Well Jami Miller is one of those women.

You may have seen Jami on such TV shows as South Beach, Head Cases, or Bones. Jami is a top notch athlete that has a sports past in soccer, cheerleading and skiing. I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of her real soon on TV and in the movies. Remember, you saw her here first.

Hit The Trail

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