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A reminder to all of my friends and Knuckleheads out there, April 26th and 27th I will be attending the Pittsburgh ComicCon in Monroeville, Pa. The convention itself runs from Friday the 25th through Sunday the 27th, but I will only be there for Saturday and Sunday.

I hope that you get a chance to come by my booth/table (wherever it is they place me) and wake me up. Maybe this will give you a little advance time to think of some really nice lies to tell me…like…you enjoy my work or maybe you can even say you’ve read some of it. That’d be great and it would increase my self-esteem. You know how modest I am… (right…)

Bring your issues of 24: Cold Warriors, Parts Unknown, Cobb, Wynonna Earp, Guy Gardner, and any of the other hundreds of books that I’ve written. I’ll sign ’em and we’ll talk about ’em. I look forward to seeing you there.

Here is the link to the Pittsburgh Con’s site. Check it out and see all the other really talented folks that’ll be there.

While we’re on the subject of me (Yeah, I know, 24/7/365) I thought I’d let you know that the Charlie Rose of comics, John Siuntres of the great podcast site, Word Balloon. John has posted up the podcast interview he did with me right before the release of Cobb: Off the Leash in 2006. We had a great time and he got me to spill my guts with all sorts of lurid tales of the comic book business and my time writing comics. Secrets were told and slander spewed like oil from a well. You should really check it out on the Word Balloon site as well as iTunes. Be like me, download it and cringe as you hear my always soothing voice make a mockery of the English language.

Big Chris. Big Art. Big Fun, Friend-O

There’s something about big open art with an animated feel that I’ve always enjoyed. It’s fun and it rings of the great ad art of the 1940’s and 50’s. Recently one of my amigos on MySpace, Big Chris out of Longwood, Florida sent me over some of his very fun pin ups that capture this style I’m talking about. Big Chris specializes in digital, cartoon, pin-up designs and if you check out his sites you can see just that. You’ll also find out that that his strength lays within drawing some really cute babes and super heroines. If you enjoy the work of Mitch Byrd, J. Scott Campbell, JonBoy Myers and Ed McGuinniess, then you might just like Big Chris’s work as well. Check his stuff out at:

Tell him that Beau sent you over. Here are a few examples of his stuff for you to eyeball now.

I’ll Drink Your Milkshake, Says Mr. Eduardo Barreto

While I’m talking about artwork, here are a few of fine pieces of art from my amigo and artist on Cobb. What you’ll find here is one of Eduardo Barreto’s penciled pages from our “Lost Episode” of Wonder Woman vs. Xena graphic novel. (DC Comics) This was from a great fun scene between Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl. Eduardo did a magnificent job on this book and I really wish you could’ve seen it all.

I’ll also share a wonderful piece that Eduardo did of Jonah Hex. When it comes to the western genre there are few that ride the same trail as Eduardo. I know. He and I have two westerns that we are shopping around, 200 People to Kill and Jefferson Buck. I hope you enjoy the Jonah Hex piece and one of the promo pieces from 200 People to Kill.

You can see Eduardo’s work daily in your local newspaper as he is the regular artist on the comic strip Judge Parker. Eduardo is a master craftsman and always gives you A-List story telling. His DC graphic novel Speeding Bullets has always been one of my all time favorites.

Manly Music Tip Of The Week

As I’ve mentioned before, I walk three to four miles every day patrolling the streets and fields of Ceredo. While I’m out taking nature in, I usually have my iPod fired up and listening to anything from Word Balloon podcasts, audiobooks and of course my very eclectic tastes in music.

This week I’ve been listening to the latest release of one of my all-time favorite singer/songwriters, Mark Selby. His latest CD Nine Pound Hammer has been released from ZYX/Peppercake.

Mark Selby is one of those artists that you can buy his music unheard and always be pleased with every song. He’s one of the most incredible roadhouse rock guitar players there is. His guitar playing is like an electric bullwhip. His voice wraps around lyrics like syrup over a stack of hot pancakes.

Nine Pound Hammer has one song called Dangerous Game that you could see The Rolling Stones playing to a stadium packed crowd. Another cut, I should Know Better is a perfect mix of funk, southern twang and a hook as sharp as a barbed treble hook on a bass line.

I own all Selby’s CD’s and Nine Pound Hammer increases portfolio another notch. Trust me, you cannot go wrong here.

Selby also has a really great website that will not only fill you in on what he’s up to, but give all your musicians out there the lowdown on what he uses and recommends. Check it out at

Busted Knuckles Manly Cover of the Week: Sub-Mariner #62
by John Romita and Don Heck

This is one of my favorite Sub-Mariner covers, mostly because it was penciled by John Romita and inked by Don Heck. It wasn’t often you saw these two great artists working over each other. This was a real treat.

I also like it because it shows the Sub-Mariner in command and pissed off. He’s always at his best when he’s pissed off. Namor is the only being there is that can wear Speedos and dare you to make fun or him or ask him if he’s French. This was also a fun issue in the fact that Nita got to join her cousin, Namor and show that she was quite capable of kicking ass on Dr. Hydro and his green goon squad. The story was written by Steve Gerber and the issue also had a back up story, “Tales of Atlantis” (written by Gerber as well) with the art by Howard Chaykin and Joe Sinnott. An odd pairing, but worked really well.

Busted Knuckles Babe of the Week: Sandra Taylor

Curves and nerves. That’s one of the ways I’d describe Sandra Taylor. She’s modeled in Playboy, Penthouse and loads of swimsuits shoots as well as acted in films and TV shows such as Married With Children, Under Siege 2, L.A. Confidential, Batman and Robin, E.R. , Runaway Bride and the upcoming comedy, The Group. You may have seen Sandra at a few of the bigger comic book conventions as well. She’s a really nice person and always glad to talk to folks about her body of work.

The Roundup

If you’re reading this then that means you probably read comic books and to take it a step further, you probably read books as well. I like that. I like books…a lot. I read lots of books all the time. I want you to read books a lot too. I figure what’s good for me is better for you. I like to share the wealth, yaw know?

Here are three books that are on my stack of “Books I’m Reading”.

The 47th Samurai By Stephen Hunter: Another book in the adventures of Bob Lee Swagger. Hunter’s books on the Swagger family are always action packed, always fun and of course manly fiction. If you like one you’ll like ’em all. This one is published by Simon & Schuster.

A Bloody Business: America’s War Zone Contractors and The Occupation Of Iraq by Cornel Gerald Schumacher. Private security services have become more and more common in our modern world and this is another book that shows yet another side of hired security by the U.S. government in Iraq. The left has their version of these armies and the right has theirs. My suggestion is to read both sides of the story and figure it out for yourself.

Command of Office: How War, Secrecy and Deception Transformed the Presidency from Theodore Roosevelt to George W. Bush by Stephen Graubard. This book contains a huge amount of behind the scenes information on things that went on behind the curtain of a long line of presidents showing the complex changes and choices that had to be made through the years.

Research, reading pleasure and furthering my education. I like books.

See you next week, bookworms.

Beau Smith
The Flying Fist Ranch
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