Abe Sapien #26, $3.50


Hell Boy is one of those series that I know I need to read and haven’t yet. The cover of Abe Sapien looks super intriguing though!!


harrow county

Harrow County #5, $3.99


I am just constantly amazed by this book. The horror is so so quality. With the combination of art and script, I feel like I’m a part of the story and every bit of it is incredibly engaging. There is a new monster in this issue who is very adorable (while being creepy too, don’t worry) and the twist at the end is exciting!!! I’m really interested to see where the story goes next.


King Tiger #2 (Of 4), $3.99


I still can’t look at this without thinking of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.


mirrors edge

Mirror’s Edge Exordium #1, $3.99


According to my roommate the new Mirror’s Edge game is going to be super cool and is going to make people throw up because of its virtual reality-ness. This first issue definitely feels like a videogame in both dialogue and action.  


Rebels #6, $3.99
It’s the last issue of the first arc! Seth has been through the war and his outlook on life is a little less sunny. Hopefully this won’t affect his relationship with his wife.