8House #3 (Kiem Part One), $2.99


Initially I was very confused by this issue because I was expecting it to be 8House Arclight, but it most certainly was not. I thought I was reading the wrong comic for awhile, but once I realized that this issue started a new 8House story, I began to really appreciate it. 8House: Kiem was super beautiful and the beginning of an intriguing sci-fi story. The art is so detailed, it’s incredible.


Casanova Acedia #4, $3.99


Casanova: Acedia is continuously one of my absolute favorite titles. It is smart, quirky, and the art just blows me away. I think I’ll be writing more on this later this week, so I’ll save most of my thoughts for that!


dark corridor

Dark Corridor #2, $3.99


I’ve been meaning to read the first issue of this for ages. After looking at the second issue, I want to read the first even more! Dark Corridor is a really intriguing crime comic. The art is reminiscent of comics from days past, but with a lot more blood and nudity. This book certainly wouldn’t be code approved. Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to read these first two issues soon. I think it will be worth my time!


Dying And The Dead #3, $3.50


I still can’t get over The Dying and the Dead tagline from the first issue promotions. “It’s Indiana Jones for Old People. There are no fedoras, only bedpans.” What a quality bit of marketing. I love it.


Empty #6, $3.99


It’s the end of a story arc! I haven’t been reading The Empty because I thought that the first issue left a lot to be desired, but I hope that it has continued along nicely!


Jupiter’s Circle #6 (Cover A Frank Quitely), $3.50

Jupiter’s Circle #6 (Cover B Frank Quitely), $3.50

Jupiter’s Circle #6 (Cover C Frank Quitely), $3.50


It’s the final issue of the first volume! This is another comic that I read the first issue of and decided not to continue. One time Mark Millar impressed me. Red Son was fantastic and I loved it a lot, but it was just that one time and every other time I read a Millar book I think, “Well maybe this will be Red Son and not Kick Ass,” and every time I am sad.



Lazarus #19, $3.50


This is another series I’ve been told time and time again that I need to read. It seems like a well done dystopian story so I should get on that!


Material #4, $3.50


Ales Kot’s writing often makes my brain hurt, but that’s a good thing. Kot challenges our perceptions of things and encourages us to spend more time thinking about issues that are often too easy to choose to ignore. I like Material for this reason. It is full of thought provoking scenes and also suggests a lot of background reading so you can learn more about what the comic is talking about if you want to.


Minimum Wage So Many Bad Decisions #5 (Of 6), $3.99


The description says that an “old flame [is] rekindled” in this comic. Could it be the ex-wife? Or another past lover.



Plutona #1 (Of 4), $2.99


The first thing of note about this comic is the art and the colors. Every page stands out due to its exquisite images. Lenox and Bellaire are a force to be reckoned with. The second thing of note is that so far I hate half of the characters in this comic and feel sorry for the other half. I’m sure this is the point and kudos to Lemire for making me so strongly feel these things from the get go, but ughhhh those children and their mean mean ways. It makes me so sad. I hate when kids tease each other! However, this was a really interesting first issue and I’m sure the more I get to know these kids, the less I’ll want to put them in time out for about five years.


Poseidon IX #1 (One Shot)(Cover A Phillip Sevy), $3.99

Poseidon IX #1 (One Shot)(Cover B Stjepan Sejic), $3.99


This book has a big squid thing that is probably a kraken! It also has chiseled, half-bionic mermen! And it was written by a fellow Valkyrie! You’re probably going to want to check this one out.


Tales Of Honor Bred To Kill #2 (Cover A Linda Sejic), $3.99

Tales Of Honor Bred To Kill #2 (Cover B Linda Sejic), $3.99


Based off of the science fiction novels by David Weber, Tales of Honor: Bred to Kill is the first original story arc in this universe to take place in comic form!


Guard 3


We Stand On Guard #3, $2.99
We Stand on Guard is a surprisingly charming and intricate war book about a Canadian – American war. There is a bunch of cool tech like robot dogs and holograms because it takes place in the future, but at the heart of it, it’s about a ragtag group of soldiers fighting to protect their home. The character development is fantastic and the giant robots keep things interesting.